Hazel Leaf Pursuivant

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Hazel Leaf Pursuivant is the title given to baronial heralds of Terra Pomaria. The office is generally held for two years.


The Herald of Terra Pomaria is one of the oldest offices in barony filled at the first official branch meeting on January 5th AS XVIII/1983. Upon elevation to baronial status in May of 1992, Terra Pomaria, under the guidance of then branch herald Friedhelm der Luchs, decided to make the position an official titled office. In May of 1994 the title Hazel Leaf Pursuivant was registered with the SCA College of Heralds as the official title. Although Friedhelm orchestrated the registration he was never officially Hazel Leaf Pursuivant in name as the official registration took place after he had stepped down. Cesare the Merchant filled the vacant office in early 1996 while also serving as Baron of Terra Pomaria as the result of an unexpected vacancy and the requirement at that time that the branch herald's office be filled.

The Order of the Hazelnut was created in Terra Pomaria for those who exhibit outstanding heraldic service in correlation to the title of Hazel Leaf Pursuivant. Although admittance to the order is not exclusive to former Hazel Leaf Pursuivants and/or Terra Pomaria Heralds, all current inductees have served in the branch herald's office.


Among the numerous pieces of ancient regalia that accompany this office include several baldrics, two tabbards, one bearing the device of the barony the other the badge of SCA Heraldry, a ceremonial cup and a SCA Heraldry Badge-designed floppy hat. As well, the leather-bound ceremonial of the branch may also be considered regalia linked exclusively to this position.

Office Holders

23rd - Emelyn Fulredy
From January 2014 to present
22nd - Ji'lid al-banna ibn Hyder
From ?? to December 2013
21st - Maccus of Elgin
From April 30, 2011 at Bar Gemels to ??
20st - Geoffrey FitzHenrie
From April 15, 2009 to April 30, 2011 at Bar Gemels
19th - Lady Arianna of Waterford
From June 16, 2008 to April 15, 2009
Interim - Jehan-Jacques Lavigne (acting)
From April 21, 2008 at Terra Pomaria Business Meeting to June 16, 2008 at Terra Pomaria Business Meeting
18th - Thomas Sinclair
From April 28, 2007 at Bar Gemels to April 12, 2008 at Riverfront Demo 2008
17th - Finna Grimsdottir
From April 23, 2005 at Bar Gemels to April 28, 2007 at Bar Gemels
16th - Jehan-Jacques Lavigne
From August 10, 2002 at Long and Short of It Tournament to April 23, 2005 at Bar Gemels
15th - Tuirn Brecc
From August 14, 2000 to August 10, 2002 at Long and Short of It Tournament
14th - Elspeth of Glendinning from March 1999 to August 14, 2000
13th - William Percival from May 1996 to February 1999
Interim - Cesare the Merchant (acting) from February 1996 to May 1996
12th - Jacob the Shameless from August 1995 to February 1996
11th - Stahlbern der Pfielschmidt from December 1993 to August 1995

Branch heralds above this point are officially titled Hazel Leaf Pursuivant

10th - Friedhelm der Luchs from October 1991 to November 1993
Oversaw the transition of the branch from Shire to Barony
9th - Cailean Aindrea Stewart from June 18, 1990 to September 1991
8th - Fenella de Comines from July 15, 1989 to June 18, 1990
7th - Andreas the Venetian from January 18, 1989 to July 15, 1989
6th - Bjorn the Woolly from October 22, 1988 to January 18, 1989
5th - Jakob van Gronigen from May 1988 to October 22, 1988
4th - Chagatai Ba'atur by October 1986 to May 1988
Oversaw the transition of the branch from Canton to Shire
3rd - Pernelle de Proensa from September 1984 to before October 1986
2nd - Vandoral the Merchant from February 9, 1983 to September 1984
1st - Griselda from January 5, 1983 to February 9, 1983