Emelyn Fulredy

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Coat of Arms
Purpure, two bendlets Or.
Resides: Terra Pomaria
Office: Boar Pursuivant
Started: AS XLVII (2012)
Awards: See Emelyn's page at the OP.
EmelynBadge.png GregoryEmelyn.png HumanHouse.png

Emelyn's personal badge, marital gonfalon, and household badge.

Emelyn Fulredy is a heraldry zealot and courtier. She currently serves as Boar Pursuivant, a submissions deputy in the An Tir College of Heralds, and previously filled the role of Hazel Leaf Pursuivant (2013-2016). She was the first Bardic Champion of Terra Pomaria.

Armorial research, design, and consulting are Emelyn's primary passions. She also loves onomastics and the "voice" side of heraldry. Her other interests include period music (for voice, recorder, or pipe-and-tabor), scribal arts (mainly drawing), persona development, and backgammon.

Emelyn's charming and friendly husband, Gregory de Munemuth, supports her by chasing their three young sons around. If you see him at an event, please challenge him to a game of chess! Their family and friends comprise Human House.

Emelyn can be contacted at emelynfulredy, courtesy of Gmail.


In persona, Emelyn and Gregory are Lincolnshire folk of exactly 700 years ago, which makes this 1317 for them. Their aesthetic and historical touchstone is the Luttrell Psalter.

Emelyn was born in Cambridge to a lay astronomer and his wife. Gregory is the second son of a Knight Hospitaller who disappeared shortly after settling his family in recently-conquered Wales. After working all his life to become a priest, Gregory dropped out of his schooling just weeks shy of receiving tonsure in order to marry Emelyn instead. Fleeing north from the ensuing scandal, they ended up in Lincoln. There they earned the favor and patronage of an eccentric vicar who now employs Gregory as a clerk, courier, and tutor at the magnificent new Lincoln Cathedral. Emelyn helps with these tasks on occasion, and otherwise is kept busy by running her household, finding a few spare moments here and there to draw, play her pipe, or privately study heraldry. But she has these strange, recurring dreams about living in a faraway kingdom called An Tir...