Daffodil Consort

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Formed in May 1996, Daffodil Consort was a vocal group under the direction of Maistresse Cecille de Beumund primarily focussing on English madrigals, French chansons, and Catches. They took their name from Seagirt's annual Daffodil Tournament. Their final performance was at Daffodil Tournament XXXIX/2004.


At various times, the Consort has included:


Triumphs of Oriana: 1998 Vocal Group: English Madrigal Suite (Adieu, Sweet Amaryllis; Now is the Month of Maying; Strike it Up, Tabor!) - won category Broken Consort/Feast Entertainment: French Chanson Suite (Je no'se; O Doulce Amour; Je n'ais pas plus)

SeaLion Bardic Competition: 1999 Group Vocal: French Chanson Suite(Je n'ay point plus; O Doulce Amour) - won category Theme: Contrefact (A Catch on Cows - Iago ab Adam lyricist) - won category

Triumphs of Orianna: 1999 Vocal Group: English Madrigal (Sleep, Fleshly Birth) Group Dance: Pavan (Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vies) with Broken Consort accompaniment - won category Broken Consort: French Chanson Suite: (music unknown) - won category Feast Entertainment

Triumphs of Orianna: 2000 Vocal Group: English Madrigal (O, What Shall I Do?) - won category Broken Consort: French Chanson: (O Joli Bois) - won category Feast Entertainment