Cecille de Beumund

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Cecille's arms, Azure, on a fess between three swallows volant argent three roses proper.
Maistresse Cecille at Seagirt Summer Tournament 2005

SCA History

Cecille joined the Society in the summer of 1994. She was awarded arms at Sealion War in May AS XXXII/1997 by Darius and Morgaine, and was admitted to the Order of the Jambe de Lion on March 7 AS 32 by Brendan and Aryana. At Twelfth Night Coronation XXXV/2001 she and her former lord husband Iago ab Adam were offered entry into the Order of the Laurel, but they both chose to take a vigil until July Coronation XXXVI/2001, where Cecille was released from fealty to her Mistress, Isolde de la Vielle a Roue, and they jointly received the honour from the hands of Davin and Groa. She has one apprentice, HL Rosamund Kilpatrick and one student Kjartan kráka.

Cecille lives in the Principality of Tir Righ in the Shire of Hartwood.

Persona History

Cecille de Beumund is a Norman woman living in England in the year 1296. She spends her time at her estate, Crosswell-Beumund.


Prior to receiving her Laurel Cecille was known as Arianwen ferch Ieuan. She often renders her title as Maistresse, an Anglo-Norman spelling of Mistress.


Cecille's badge, A cross triparted and fretted fleury argent.
  • Research
  • Documentation: recommend "On Critical Research and Documentation"
  • Vocal Music: esp. Parisian Chanson, English Madrigal
  • Recorder Music: any I can get my hands upon
  • Music composition and theory: esp counterpoint (not strong on early modal)
  • Music direction: see Daffodil Consort and Ars Musica
  • Costuming: esp. 1250-1310 Anglo-Norman, 1450-70 Italian
  • Embroidery: esp. styles and their history in Western Europe
  • Painting: mostly for charters
  • Baking: new explorations
  • Archery: new explorations
  • Heraldry: learning to do arms/badges, not names

Music Direction


  • A Catch On Laighe na Greine, a catch with lyrics by Iago ab Adam
  • Quand j'ay pensee, a French chanson 4 part setting for a poem by Clement Marot
  • Winter, Child ballad style setting for lyrics by Aliena Searover
  • Numerous 3-5 part arrangements of Playford dance music
  • Numerous original Variation compositions for recorder on Period popular Themes (Theme & Variations)

Awards Summary