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Amnara the Savage, the real story

Amnara the Savage, Bard of KeyPoynt, finishing a performance of the Bards' hit song "Beverly Anne" aboard the Lady Washington in 2008

Amnara the Savage is a Bard and wandering poet. There are tin whistles in her hat.

Amnara is the Bardic Minister for the Barony of Aquaterra.

Amnara was first introducted to our fair Society at Ursulmas in 2004, then again in 2005, followed up by her first camping event- 40th Year Celebration! She was thoroughly enchanted and has been attending events throughout An Tir since. As a member of the Towne of KeyPoynt, she naturally fell into the role of The Bards of KeyPoynt along with her brother Reyus and her sister Gwyneth Kendrick. The Bards of KeyPoynt were named the Bardic Champions of Midhaven in 2008 and again in 2010. Amnara also became the 2008 Bardic Champion of Shittimwoode (now known as Thornwold). This apparently makes her the long-awaited "Bride of Bunny" in the prestigious line of "Bunny Bards." Amnara received her Award of Arms at Ursulmas in 2010, making her the Armiger Bard of KeyPoynt. She was awarded with the Sable Chime at Aquaterra All Champions in 2022.

Amnara is also the proud mother of a good-hearted, fun loving youth, Hellalove, who has all the makings of a fine wee bard, performing his Bardic debut at The First Bardic War.

Amnara has a YouTube channel and posts new music nearly every week!

And for those interested...

The Somewhat Bardly Tale of Amnara the Savage

Amnara's Device - a work in progress

Amnara was born in Eastern Scotland in a small group of forest-dwelling folk who claimed to be druids.

Amnara had a keen interest in, and thus was taught, many different skills including song writing, story telling, dancing, and illumination. Once she reached adulthood, she made up her mind to strike out on her own and see what she could of the world. Amnara bid her forest family a fond farewell, and boldly made her way to the nearest large town.

Unused to the ways of townfolk, she dedicated herself to learning and adapting and eventually (as is often the way with Bards) marketing. She made a living by entertaining at local taverns, performing the dances she had learned, the stories she devised, and singing her own songs. Among crowd favorites are Heart Fire, White Bird, and Reenactive. She gained a small following, and earned enough to keep herself fed and housed, and eventually crossed paths with the members of the wonderful traveling Towne of KeyPoynt.

She promptly declared herself to be 'home' and the rest is history.

Amnara's Accomplishments

Amnara's Award of Arms
Date Accomplishment Event
2022 Awarded the Sable Chime Aquaterra All Champions LVII/2022
2021 Named Bardic Minister of the Barony of Aquaterra First event as Minister Good Yule LVI/2021
2011 Entered into Aquaterra's Order of the Plate by Baron Wyll Hauk and Baroness Rosamund of the Misty Meadows Midhaven Harvest Feast XLVI/2011
2010 Winner of Deepwater Keep's Bardic Competition with The Bards of KeyPoynt Autumn War XLV/2010
2010 Bardic Champion of Midhaven with The Bards of KeyPoynt Midhaven's Champions 2010
2010 Released the Bards' album Once a Bard... An Tir/West War XLV/2010
2010 Award of Arms presented by Owain II and Wrenn II Ursulmas XLIV/2010
2009 Winner of Clan Carn's Bardic Competition with The Bards of KeyPoynt Autumn War XLIV/2009
2008 Bardic Champion of Shittimwoode Warren War X XLIII/2008
2008 Winner of Deepwater Keep's Bardic Competition with The Bards of KeyPoynt Autumn War XLIII/2008
2008 Bardic Champion of Midhaven with The Bards of KeyPoynt Midhaven's Champions 2008
2008 Released the Bards' album Welcome to KeyPoynt June Faire XLIII/2008