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Amnara, the real story

Amnara, Bard of KeyPoynt, finishing a performance of the Bards' hit song "Beverly Anne" aboard the Lady Washington in 2008

Amnara, aka Amanda McCartney, is one of The Bards of KeyPoynt, along with her SCA AND real-life husband, Kenneniah, aka Nathan McCartney. The Bards of KeyPoynt were named the Bardic Champions of Midhaven in 2008 and again in 2010, and representing the Bards, Amnara became the 2008 Bardic Champion of Shittimwoode. This apparently makes her the long-awaited "Bride of Bunny" in the prestigeous line of "Bunny Bards." Amnara received her Award of Arms at Ursulmas in 2010, making her the Lady Bard of KeyPoynt.

Amnara became involved in the Society during 40th Year Celebration and has attended a plethora of events every year since. As a member of the Towne of KeyPoynt, she and her husband naturally fell into the role of The Bards of KeyPoynt along with their brother-in-law, Reyus, aka Joshua Scott-McCartney. Together, they have produced two full-length albums: Welcome to KeyPoynt, an original 15 song CD featuring "Beverly Anne" and "Where'd You Go?" and Once a Bard..., an original 13 song CD featuring "Wench at Heart" and "Kiss My Axe." Amnara also did the cover art for the albums.

In the mundane world, Amanda is an artist of every sort, and is currently working on getting her first full-length musical "I Hate Musicals!" back on stage after a successful one-weekend performance in May of 2009. As far as her SCA life goes, she enjoys getting the Bards out there, and wants to be a part of every Bardic Competition she can attend, because there are few things a bard loves more than meeting other bards!

Amnara and Kenneniah's first child, Kenneniah Alan McCartney (Niah, as we call him), came into the world on November 27, 2011, weighing 9 pounds, 2 ounces, and at 20 inches long. Niah is already an appreciator of all things bardic, much to the delight of his parents.

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The Rather Bardly Tale of Amnara

Amnara's rather imaginative device, also the device for the Bards of KeyPoynt

Amnara was born in Eastern Scotland to a young woman named Caitlyn MacKenzie. Her father was a local nobleman, but this fact was never revealed to Amnara, and she grew up content to believe that her father's identity didn't matter. Caitlyn's being taken by the nobleman and the resulting pregnancy prompted her to run off into the forest, seeking to avoid scandal and the negative repercussions she could face as a commoner.

Once safely in the woods, Caitlyn realized she lacked the necessary skills to survive without the comforts of home. Luckily, she happened upon a small group of folk dwelling in the forest who came to her aid. These kind souls took her in and taught her the ways of the forest, and one who was a skilled midwife helped her give birth to a healthy baby girl. Caitlyn wanted her daughter to live a life of freedom, knowledge, and power, and named after a mythical Celtic goddess of the sea: Amnara.

Amnara was taught many different skills, most of which were unavailable to women of her status, but the female-friendly group encouraged her in every aim. Once she reached adulthood, she made up her mind to strike out on her own and see what she could of the world. Her mother stayed with the forest folk, who had become her second family. Amnara bid them all a fond farewell, and boldly made her way to the nearest large town.

She made a living by entertaining at local taverns, performing the dances she had learned and singing her own songs. She gained a small following, and earned enough to keep herself fed and housed. However, one fateful evening, a stranger wandered into the tavern where she performed. She knew immediately that this was a man to keep her eye on. He watched her performance carefully, and after she had taken her bows, she made her way to his table.

His name was Kenneniah, and he was a traveling bard, much like herself. He had enjoyed her performance, and offered to join talents. Amnara had already decided that she was growing fond of him, and in fact had made up her mind to marry him, so she agreed. They set out together, entertaining as a duet, and watched the money pour in. Eventually their comraderie became love, and the two spent every day together, making music and... other things.

Shortly into their travels, Amnara and Kenneniah ran across a group of travelers calling themselves the Towne of KeyPoynt. As the two had never heard of a traveling towne, they decided that such a group was perfect for their lifestyle, and they joined the towne, becoming The Bards of KeyPoynt.

After they had been with the Towne for over a year, Amnara decided it was time they married, to which Kenneniah had no objections. They were wed by Ambassador Constantine Seminovich in a ceremony which all attending would agree was mostly chaos and hilarity. They traveled with the Towne for many years after, entertaining all who would listen, and living the lives they had always hoped for, side by side.

Amnara's Accomplishments

Amnara's Award of Arms