Valric In Grar

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Valric In Grar: In Grar means "the Grey" in Old Norwegian Norse which is an epithet he aquired due to his unusual habit of wearing mostly grey clothing despite being able to afford expensive dyes.

Description and story:Norwegian Norseman of middling nobility. The second son of the Jarl of Staavagard on the south western coast of Norway from between 950 A.d to 980 A.D. An inexperienced but enthusiastic heavy fighter and archer who preferred the almost Hiltless longswords common to his people, the Yew Longbow, and Kite shield. He wore a plain undyed linen tunic under a plain grey wool tunic, under a riveted Chainmail hauberk belted at the waist with a dark cow leather belt about an inch wide with a silver buckle, belt plates, and belt tip in the jelling style like the penannular brooch that held his grey wool rectangular cloak on, a Conical helm with a Nasal guard and a chainmail avantail, a pair of grey wool trousers, grey herringbone wool wicklebandr leg wrappings over Brown cow leather high shoes, and a pair of Naalbinding wool socks. Around his neck he wore an inch thick twisted silver Torc necklace with the heads of birds on the terminal ends, and on his right hand was an old silver ring fashioned in the shape of a Bird with a serpent coiled around it symbolizing the struggle between wisdom and the power of destruction. For a Norseman of his time he was well educated and as such earned his living in his father's Longhall as a Skald by singing the old songs, telling the old tales, reciting poetry and sagas, and playing playing a strange stringed instrument that is plucked with the fingernails which he got from a Celt while he was a-Viking with his uncle.

Accomplishments:Bardic Champion of Briaroak, Won the prize for best unaccompanied voice at the Barony of Adiantum's Bardic championship at the Eggles tournament anno societatus fourty four, and was made a Lord of An Tir at the Briaroak Bash that same year.