Tullia Saturnina

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Tullia is a widowed midwife in 50BCE Rome. Her sweetheart is Caius (Robert). She has three adult children - a daughter and two sons. Caius has a daughter (Morgan) who actually exists, and she sometimes comes to events. Tullia's dual mottos are “VIVO VT SERVIAM” (I live to serve) and “ROMANA SUM” (I am a Roman woman). She is interested in all aspects of Roman life, including food, religion, clothing, footwear, jewelry, and art.

Tullia is part of the Sma-Mjolk household. She is apprenticed to Eulalia Piebakere, and often seen with Drusa Saturnina, her freedwoman. She resides in the Barony of Dragon's Mist (modernly Beaverton, OR) and plays in Three Mountains (Portland) as well. Her arms are Gules, a rabbit courant contorny Or, two rabbits couchant respectant sable and her badge is a sable rabbit courant contourney.

Website: RomanaSum.com

Offices held:

Three Mountains Arts & Sciences Minister Deputy (Nov 2014-Jan 2015)

Three Mountains Arts & Sciences Minister (Jan 2015 - Jan 2017)


• A&S Champion, Barony of Three Mountains, 4 Oct AS 49

• Golden Torc, 13 Dec AS 49

• AOA, 12th Night AS 49

• Golden Torc, 13 Jun AS 49

• Mountain's Pride, 10 Oct AS 49

• Order of the Crystal Rainbow, 10 Oct AS 49

• Pinecone, 10 Oct AS 49

• Trillium, 10 Oct AS 49

• Mountain Sun, 10 Oct AS LI

• Jambe de Lion, 29 Oct 29 AS LI

• Bountiful Hand, 11 Mar AS LI

• Goutte de Sang, 19 Aug AS LII

Classes taught:

• Roman Clothing: Men, Women, and Children

• Roman Sexual Imagery: Apotropaic and Erotic Uses

• Roman Daily Life

• Making Roman Jewelry