Toryn and Natal'ia

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Preceded by:
Einar III and Ifatahyo II
Toryn Davinsson and Natal'ia Volkovicha
Twenty-fifth Prince and Princess of Avacal
16 August AS XLIII/2008 – 28 February AS XLIII/2008
Succeeded by:
Hjalti and Eirika
Toryn Davinsson and Natal'ia Volkovicha Photo credit: Mel Turner

Royal Progress

  • Avacal August Investiture, August 15-17 AS XLIII, Myrgan Wood
  • Autumn Celebration/Mabon Althing, September 20 AS XLIII, Cold Keep
  • Vinfest X, September 26-28 AS XLIII, Vinjar
  • TH University of Avacal Grande Session, October 11-12 AS XLIII, Borealis
  • Myrgan Wood Anniversary, October 18 AS XLIII, Myrgan Wood (Toryn only)
  • Feast of St. Crispin's, October 25-26 AS XLIII, Tir Bannog (Natal'ia only)
  • Ferret's Feast, November 1 AS XLIII, Valleywold (Toryn only)
  • Tir Righ Investiture, November 22-23 AS XLIII, Lions Gate (Natal'ia only)
  • Avacal Coronet, November 29 AS XLIII, Montengarde
  • An Tir 12th Night, January 9-11 AS XLIII, Adiantum
  • Montengarde 12th Night, January 16-17 AS XLIII, Montengarde
  • Estrella War, February AS XLIII, Atenveldt (Toryn only)
  • Avacal February Investiture, February 28 AS XLIII, Myrgan Wood


Known as the reign of Oppression.