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This is a manually maintained list of Templates on this wiki.

These templates come in a few versions:

  • Some, such as the Cleanup template, are designed to be added to a page to display a static text message (although that message will change when the template is edited).
  • Some, such as the Succession or Populace templates, may contain some static text, but are designed to be passed variables, so the static display is customized. In the Succession example, it's designed to be passed the name(s) of the person or people involved, the office (position) involved, the start and end dates, and the names of the person(s) who preceded and succeeded the office. This helps keep the pages standardized.
  • Some, such as the Branch or Event Templates, are designed to be substituted into a page - that is, essentially pasting in the contents of the template, in a way that then allows them to be edited for just that page, without affecting the originating template.

Please see the Wiki help pages, and How Things Work Around Here, for further assistance with the care and feeding of templates.

Wiki Maintenance

Reign and History Related

Branch and Events

People Related

Event Specific

These are based on the general event template, but with as much event specific information included as possible. They often include the addition of category tags and a link to the event's general entry.



Glymm Mere



Award Related