Steingrim and Janeltis

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Sir Steingrim Stallari, who had ruled as Prince of An Tir twice, entered the Principality lists at May Crown AS XIII and won. In those days, a combatant did not have to say who was his inspiration until after the tournament was concluded. There was a gasp and then a roar of delight among the populace when Sir Steingrim announced that the lady who would sit at his side as Princess of An Tir was Mistress Janeltis Karaine, Starfollower. A respected practitioner and teacher of embroidery and banner design, Mistress Janeltis was 77 years old.

Prince Steingrim and Princess Janeltis and their Court in the summer of AS XIII

The reign was marked by fun and great good behavior in the presence of the noble Princess Janeltis.

Preceded by:
Manfred I and Koressa I
Steingrim III and Janeltis
Fourteenth Prince and Princess
of the Principality of An Tir

13 May AS XIII/1978 – 9 Sept AS XIII/1978
Succeeded by:
Ulfred and Valkyrie

Awards Given

Awards given during the reign of Steingrim III and Janeltis

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