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Sir Seumas mac Brehon is a 6th Century Irishman from Ulster, serving as a trén-fher [trainar], a champion or chief fighting man, who answers challenges to single combat for the king (Ireland had lots of them at times). His main focus, is rattan combat (primarily with the polearm, the One True Weapon Style), cheesemongering, and cartography, with an emphasis on creating SCA maps, using the thinking and intent behind the creation of period maps, rather than simply the mechanical tools.

Brehon's non-registered device


Brehon got his start in the SCA, in the Shire of Korsvag in A.S. XXX in the Middle Kingdom, when he became aware of a medieval broadsword class being taught through the college's Skills Warehouse, and signed up immediately. Upon showing up at the appointed time, the teacher Tarrach informed him that he was the only attendee, gave him his money back, and told him to just attend the twice weekly practices that were free.

In his early years, being a student studying woodcraft and animal lore, Brehon had little time for anything other than building his prowess against the other warriors of Korsvag, and traveling occasionally to defend the shire and the kingdom from invaders.

Northshield was often in need of strong warriors, having been recognized as a principality under the Middle Kingdom shortly after Brehon began training in martial combat. It was at one such battle, Warriors and Warlords, where Brehon's stout defense of a village from raiders earned the recognition of the then-squire to Sir Tarrach, Niklos. Squire Niklos asked Brehon to serve him as a man at arms, so that he might instruct him further in combat, and Brehon gratefully accepted.

Brehon's training continued, and upon finishing his time at university, he found employment as a steward of water in western Northshield in A.S. XXXVI. Being dissatisfied with the lack of warriors to test his mettle against, as well as comrades to share tales of valor with, Brehon worked with like-minded individuals to found the Shire of Dreibrucken, which was recognized in A.S. XLII.

Combat and Cartography

With his hearth now well-defended, Brehon began to train strenuously to improve his prowess, and increase his wordfame. These efforts took him far and wide, from the aspen-groved plains of Avacal, to the eroded canyons of Artemisia. His success had its' intended effect, and Niklos, now a Master of Arms, offered him a contract to advise him as his squire, in the same year.

Brehon's actions now being guided by a true master of The One True Weapon Style, as well as an honorable and chivalric warrior, he put even more strenuous effort into extensive travel and honing of his weapon skills, while also being guided in the arts of chivalry. It was at this time that Brehon began the recording of his sojourning, summarizing the noteworthy parts of each event by labeling them as "Three Things I Learned This Weekend", to aid him in recalling where he had traveled, as well as to continue the spread of his wordfame.

It was during these years of travel, sweat, and learning, that Brehon took Blaloc, Lord Marcus the Freedman, Lord Gwydion y Dirgel, and Lord Olafr Grimolfsson as men at arms, to guide their efforts and better serve the kingdom.

While pursuing improvement in the arts martial, Brehon also began studying the cartography of Northshield, having found the state of the Kingdom's records of the metes and bounds of Their Majesties holdings, being woefully lacking. His time in university having been put to good use, Brehon was able to apply the knowledge and tools of cartography to begin making sense of the boundary records of the kingdom. His efforts earned him the attention of the then Kingdom Seneschal David de Bohun, who found great value in the work, immediately creating the kingdom lesser office of Cartographer, which Brehon served in from A.S. XLIII to A.S. LIII.

As Kingdom Cartographer for Northshield, Brehon enjoyed success in cleaning up the borders of the kingdom, aiding in reconciling internal territorial disputes, and solidifying Northshield's claim to the remote lands known as the U.P., which were seized by Prince Niklos from the Middle Kingdom in A.S. XXXVI. Brehon continued his efforts to create more detailed and accurate maps, eventually crafting maps of adjacent kingdoms that were gifted by Northshield's royals as largesse.

Brehon also studied the treatises of Duchess Elizabeth Von Kulmbach, and began his sometimes frustrating efforts in learning the subtle art of cheesemongering. The products of his work were edible, mostly, but mastery eluded him, requiring further study and experimentation.

Brehon's efforts to increase his prowess and wordfame eventually bore fruit, when after 10 years as a squire he was offered the accolade of chivalry by Hrodir and Yehudah in October of A.S. LII, and received the accolade alongside his "twin" brother and chivalric cousin Sir Togashi Ichiro in January of A.S. LII.

Journey to New Lands

Having achieved his goals in Northshield as well as the culmination of his career in water stewardship in Dreibrucken, Brehon decided that the time was ripe to strike out for distant lands, where he might further increase his fortune to better provide for his family, as well as spread the good word about the One True Weapon Style.

His travels ended in the Barony of Glymm Mere in A.S. XLIII, having accepted a position managing the water resources of the Salish Sea, as well as the nurture and enhancement of the stocks of the once bounteous salmon that feed the mighty orca of the bay.

It was a short time after his arrival in Glymm Mere, that he surveyed the fighters residing there, and found many worthy individuals, skilled and honorable. But one gentle stood out. The courtesy, honor, and prowess of Alasdair Mac Roibeirt impressed him such, that he immediately offered to make him his first squire. Alasdair requested that he first serve Brehon as a man at arms, such that both gentles might come to know if the bonds of fealty would not weight too heavily on either. Shortly after, it was mutually agreed that the arrangement was good, and Alasdair became Brehon's squire, that Brehon might advise him in his quest to attain the accolade of Chivalry. In AS LVIII Sir Brehon took Lord Sigmund Faust, a warrior of good repute from the Barony of Blatha an Oir as his squire, to advise him in the ways of chivalry. Also in AS LVIII, Sir Brehon took Aleksander Kolokolchik as his Man at Arms.

Current Efforts

Today, Brehon continues his efforts to hone and polish his skills in cartography, having begun to foray into physical cartography, rather than the cartography of the aether that was his training and experience. His efforts have yielded some fruit. You can find more examples of Brehon's maps here, here, and here.

Brehon is especially interested in the theory and philosophy of period cartography, and less with the physical tools. His efforts focus on working to understand the "why and the hows", in order to continue his education.

Brehon continues his work in cheesemongering, having found Glymm Mere's climate suitable for the creation of brie and many other fine cheese varieties.

Similarly, Brehon is committed to guiding the efforts of his squire Alasdair, in his quest to fight in all of the groups of An Tir, such that Alasdair may continue his path to grow his prowess and wordfame on the tourney and battlefield.

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