Scellanus and Maelen

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On January 17, AS XV (1981) at the An Tir Twelfth Night Coronetting of Scellanus of Skye and Maelen of Catcott, 20th Prince and Princess of An Tir ( January 17 to July 12, AS XV [1981]), held in the Barony of Lions Gate, Baron Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland, Earl Steingrim Stellari, Baron Theodolf of Borogrove and Baroness Anne of Caerdydd presented a petition to the Board of Directors through Frederick and Nicorlynn, 47th King and Queen of the West (January 3 to May 2, AS XV (1981)], to elevate An Tir to the status of the kingdom. The text of the petition read as follows and was printed in The Page (Kingdom of the West official newsletter) in April of AS XV (1981): "Unto Their Majesties, the King and Queen of the West, and through Their august bodies, to the Directors of the Society for Creative Anachronism; we the people of An Tir send most courteous greetings. As loyal subjects, we ask that You grant us the right to present this petition. We collectively at this time ask, nay, demand that You grant unto the Principality of An Tir the status of Kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism. For eight years we have been as a child at his father's feet. Now we have grown, and we are ready to seek our own way in the Knowne Worlde. To this end we offer our abilities, our officers, our peers, and our people (yea, well more than two hundred of us) for Your observation and approval. It is our wish that Your Majesties grant our petition, and champion our cause with the Board. Should this petition meet with Your Majesties' approval, we ask that Your Signatures appear first, so that Your loyal subjects may sign without regard for fear or favor. Presented this seventeenth day of January, Anno Societatis XV, being Anno Domini MCMLXXXI (1981).

In His Majestie's Hand: "We hereby support and encourage all Our loyal subjects of the Principality of An Tir to sign, act, and behave to become a Kingdom. Done by Our hands this 17th day of January, Anno Societatis XV, being Anno Domini MCMLXXXI (1981)."

Preceded by:
Steingrim IV and Lenora I
Scellanus and Maelen
Twentieth Prince and Princess
of the Principality of An Tir

17 Jan AS XV/1981 – 12 July AS XVI/1981
Succeeded by:
Ulfred and Sumingo

Awards Given

Awards given during the reign of Scellanus and Maelen

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