Rapheal the Rogue

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  • Reigned as 3rd Prince of the Principality of Artemisia, Kingdom of Atenveldt
  • Knighted and made a Laurel in the Kingdom of Atenveldt
  • Appointed ambassador to the Kingdom of Atenveldt as a squire
  • Former seneschal of the Shire of Couer du Val
  • Premier of the Order of the Lion et de la Lance (formerly known as the Ordu Equis) for equestrian skill and service.
  • An active senior equestrian marshal
  • Twice won Emprise of the Black Lion, one of An Tir's most well known and challenging compeition of equestrian prowess
  • A frequent contributor to the Madrone Equestrian Guild website with articles on improving equestrian skills and building equestrian equuipment and weapons.

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