Ramon Diaz de la Vega

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Per saltire vert and sable, a lunel argent.

Ramon at 12th Night 2006, after recieving White Scarf.

Demographic Info:

Current Branch:
Madrone/Wyewood, Western_Region
Likes to play with:
Lions Gate

European Swordplay, Rapier Combat, Iberian Peninsula, Barcelona, Stringed Instruments, Luthier, Coins,

Kingdom Awards:

Order of the White Scarf - An Tir 12th Night - Jan 10 AS 40/ 2006 from Uther and Angharad VI
Order of the Goutte de Sang - Lionhearts - ?? from Skepti and Asa
Forget-me-not - July Coronation (2004/2005?) from Dagmaer in Hvassa
Award of Arms - ?? from Davin and Groa

Branch Awards:

Green Leaf (Barony of Madrone)


Madrone's Champion of Rapier - Lionhearts 2003/4(?)
St. Bunstable's Protector (Champion of Rapier) - Spring Fling ?
St. Bunstable's A&S Champion - Spring Fling ?


Secretary of the Order of the White Scarf: January 2009 - Current

KingdomRapier Marshal: July 2005 - February 2009
WesternRegion Rapier Marshal: 2002 - 2005
Madrone Rapier Marshal: 2000-2001


Apprentice within the Moneyers Guild


Started playing in the SCA 1998 at June Faire. Recognized with the Order of the White Scarf in 2005.


In fealty to me - I have one cadet:

Durant Ramberti Caiaphas

I am in fealty to - I am a protege to Bridget O'Fearghail
I was formerly cadet of Jacques_Louis_de_Normandie