Manfred and Morag

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Preceded by:
Ulfred and Sumingo
Manfred III and Morag
First King and Queen of An Tir
16 Jan AS XVI/1982 – 10 July AS XVII/1982
Succeeded by:
Torgul and Angharad
King Manfred and Queen Morag at the final rounds of the second Crown Tourney of An Tir, May 15, AS XVII/1982.
From left to right: Maia, Hlutwige Wolfkiller, Catriona of Rathcrogan, (behind throne), His Majesty King Manfred, Andre Lessard (standing), Catherine Winifred of Tor Bitterroot (kneeling), Moira ni Tabor (behind throne), Her Majesty Queen Morag, Melissa Kendal of Westmoreland (standing), and Rhiannon ye Curious.
Her Excellency, Countess Morag, had this to say about the picture: I remember that day so well. And I'm always happy to see pictures of myself in what was my very most favorite costume. Note that I'm wearing the official crown of An Tir while Manfred is wearing his personal crown. I still remember people asking disappointedly what became of those big silver ones after we stepped off.
Photo by Mistress Aislinn of Cumbria.

Royal Progress

Awards Given

Awards Given During the Reign of King Manfred I and Queen Morag I