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The Madrone Culinary Guild was founded in XL/1977 and is one of the oldest and most active guilds in the Barony of Madrone.

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Since 1992, the Guild has published a pamphlet series on historical food and recipes called "The Feudal Gourmet." The first in this series, A Culinary Reference Manual, presents a guide for redacting historical recipes and a comprehensive list of words found in medieval English recipes, explanations of their meaning and information on food sources. The subsequent pamphlets established a custom in which guild members research a historical cuisine or manuscript with recipes in need of translation and redacting, develop expanded recipes for use at a banquet, and assemble a pamphlet based on the research. There are more than a dozen additional pamphlets.

The Guild's feasts are famous for menus of variety and quality, served hot and on time. For their service to the SCA, the Guild received an SCA Award of Arms from the Principality of An Tir in 1980, and a “Throne’s Favor” from the Prince and Princess of An Tir in 1982.

Over the years the Guild has cooked many of the annual Madrone Baronial Banquets.

The Guild originated and runs an annual event held in the summer in a Seattle public park, called the Peasants Revel. An ideal first SCA event for people new to medieval re-creation, it is also a fun day for returning attendees. The summer event features down-and-dirty peasant games, including those authentic medieval favorites: the fritter-carry race, the wet-rag-on-a-stick dance, and the spit-in-the-bucket relay. The event closes with an outdoor meal of bread and cheese and a hearty stew cooked on-site by members of the Guild.


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