Lee of the Lowlands

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Lee of the Lowlands Former Baron of Madrone with Anastasia Alexandrovna Andreeva

Former Exchequer of Madrone

FormerSeneschal of Madrone

Master of the Pelican

Order of the Leaf of Merit from the West

Is a 30 year veteran of the SCA

First Autocrat of Kingdom Arts and Sciences event and a contributor to the rules.

Lee has not been playing for some time but has revived somewhat and his main interest is in Medieval Kites and Kite flying. He taught a class at at 12th Night AS XXXVIII(2004) and recently taught a class at Gulf Wars 15.

He is a 16th century Russian Boyar persona. He can talk 16th century Russian in general but if you want to talk costuming you will have to ask his wife. He just wears what she makes.