Khudyka Dobrakovich

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His Lordship Khudyka is the father of Sof'ya Khudykovicha and husband to HE Natal'ia Volkovicha, and currently resides in the Shire of Cold Keep, in the Principality of Avacal. He is man at arms to Riddari Steinn Vikingsson.

(AKA: Khudukha the Scruffy)

Prince's Favour - Feb 28 2009 (AS 43)
Princess' Knott - Feb 28 2009 (AS 43)
Princess' Knott - Feb 24 2007 (AS 41)
Goutte de Sang
Award of Arms

Armoured Combat, Archery, Heraldry, Scribal, Brewing

Often found in the company of: