Khaidu Naranaimorin

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Name Origin:

Khaidu - There were two Mongol leaders with this name. The first Khaidu lived before Temujin(Chinggis Khan) and united the tribes of the Steppe just like Temujin did, however Khaidu's reign crumbled immediately upon his death. The second Khaidu was the grandson of Ogodei (son of Chinggis Khan), he was a traditional Mongol who opposed the reign of Khubila Khan who ruled from China instead of from Mongolia. Khaidu felt that Mongol ways were being diluted by Chinese influence.

Naranaimorin - Naran = Sun, Morin = Horse, so it's meaning is "horse of the sun" or SunHorse.

Khaidu addressing the populace as Autocrat at Sir Edward's Tournament 2007