Kafilat al Matar al Mubarak

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Kafilat al Matar al Mubarak (also known as KaMaM and fondly referred to as "the caravan") is a household dedication to Middle Eastern Culture that has its roots in the Inlands Region of AnTir. Its members are now spread across the Knowne World.
They have sponsored A&S activities, wrestling competitions, luncheons to talk about period persona practices and research, and mid-eastern dance contests. Their webpage is at http://www.kamam.org (now defunct)
Members include, but are not limited to, Sa'ada, Zahir Badr al Din ibn Rasheed ibn Fahalaan, Sayyid Bashaar Abdul-Salaam Majnoon Tabbal, Alime Melek Sayyida al-Aydiniyya, Basinah, Jareth, Efa, Aarif Suhayb, Mari, Bella, and Serafina. They are the "Keepers of the Soggy Camels".