Juliana de Luna

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Juliana de Luna is a herald and student of dance. She received a Laurel for her heraldic research in 2009; much of her research can be found here:[1]. She received a Pelican for her heraldic work - at kingdom and at the Society level - in 2015. She also has the personal heraldic title Siren Herald. She lives in Wealdsmere.

Doña Juliana de Luna is a sixteenth century Spanish courtier, with a small income derived from her father's encomienda in Mexico (he was a conquistador). A woman with her small scholarly gifts entertains (or perhaps amuses) people enough to stay at court. She is quite the humanist, and wants (like Emilia Pia) to have readings from The Courtier on her deathbed rather than readings from the Bible. She is a minor descendant of the prominent de Luna family, who include a prime minister for the father of Isabel la Catolica and an antipope. She bears a (greatly) differenced version of the de Luna arms. Her arms, Gules, six crescents inverted two, two, and two checky argent and sable (red field, six crescents points down colored with checks of white and black,) are derived from the de Luna arms (which have a single white crescent inverted and a white base); all the odd things about it are typical of Spanish arms.

Juliana has held the following heraldic positions:

Society Level:

  • Laurel Queen of Arms (chief herald for the Society):
  • Pelican Queen of Arms (chief names herald for the Society): June 2010-January 2014
  • Palimpsest Herald (Coordinator of Rules Discussions for Laurel) 7/2005-6/2010
  • Laurel Commenter 10/1999-present (except when I was Laurel or Pelican)
  • Laurel proofreader 3/2000-present (except when I was Laurel or Pelican)
  • Chief of staff for Laurel Queen of Arms 6/1999-6/2001

Kingdom Level:

  • Lions Blood Herald: July 2014-January 2015
  • Æstel Herald (Consulting Table Coordinator, An Tir) 9/2007-6/2010
  • Jambe de Lion Herald (Regional deputy for Inlands) 2/2006-9/2007

Other Heraldic Work:

  • Pennsic Consultation Table Coordinator 2001, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2013
  • Member of the Academy of Saint Gabriel May 1998 – its end as a consulting organzation
  • Three Oaks Pursuivant (herald for Barony of Wealdsmere) April 2005-March 2007
  • Garnet Herald (Submissions Herald, Æthelmearc) 10/2001-7/2002
  • Gage Herald (Regional Herald for Western PA, Æthelmearc) 1/2000-10/2001
  • Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald (Education deputy, Æthelmearc) 6/2000-10/2001
  • Consulting Table Coordinator Kingdom of Æthelmearc 1/2000-10/2001
  • Pursuivant of the College of Cour d’Or 9/1998-1/2000

Other Work and Service:

  • Chaired the SCA 2020 Census committee
  • Served on the SCA 2010 Census committee
  • Coordinator for Western Dance at Pennsic War: 2000, 2001
  • Have run dance activities at many local events
  • Have served as event steward, run bardic circles, organized gaming competitions, cooked lunches at events
  • Have taught a variety of classes on heraldry, dance, and history