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House Gremlin's Device

Hus Disir (aka House Gremlin) was started in AS XXXI, with the primary focus of the household being Norse culture. The history aspect of the house was coupled with a desire to assist others, and thus a heavy focus on service was placed on the House.

The house has a burgeoning Heavy warband, as well as many skilled players of period board games. Please feel free to stop by during the day and play a game or two with us, or swing by after dark, turn the board over and enjoy a game of Tablero


blazon: Fieldless, A Sun Or with Gules Corona and Rays Sable dimidiating a Gremlin Head Affronty Couped Proper
notes: yes, we are aware that dimidiation is not a registrable division within the SCA; yes, we are aware that a Gremlin Head Proper is not a registrable charge within the SCA or probably any heraldic venue; but we do kindly thank you for your interest in our abnormal device


The household was Founded in early April of 1998, and attended their first event(Banner War) as a household later that month.

Notable Members

Lord Agnarr Asvaldson
Baroness Meara ferch Evan-Davies
Master Mikill-Óláfr Bjarnarson (rest in peace big guy)
HL Skallagrim Grimkjellson
Jax the Jester
Baron Styr Olafsson
Styr's Alter Ego: Baron Daryll - we're sorry.
Baron Alodar Stanson
HL Elizabeth de Summerlege
HL Giovanna del Bello
Lord Magnus í Þórshøvn


Traditional Events

though you'll find us at many events throughout the year, the following is a short list of event we're pretty much guaranteed to attend.
Boar Hunt
Banner War
Autumn War

Awards and Tokens

The household gives one award to its members (and on rare occasion those outside the household) it is "The Shiny" otherwise we pretty well stick with recommending people for actual SCA awards & tokens



After attending 3 events with the household, a person who wishes to join House Gremlin goes through a small initiation ceromony known as "The Auction", where by the Freemen of the house 'purchase' the new probationary member. The 'purchasing' is done in an auction where the freemen bid a number of hours of service to the SCA that they are willing to do for the right to "own" (mentor) the new member. Probationary members are known as "Thralls" and have limited privileges within the house. A Thrall becomes a freeman after completing 50 hours of volunteer service. During the Freedom Ceremony, the 'purchaser' provides the newly made freeman with a freedom gift. Freedom Gifts are meant to help the new member in the SCA lives, a new piece of garb, or perhaps a quiver of arrows, or a horn, etc.

Baron Darryll

Sadly, this red-neck (a slap-stick character often found near Baron Styrr Olafsson) was birthed in our encampment, we apologize.

Boars Hunt Toast

On Saturday night of Boar Hunt shortly after dinner, the Head of the House calls for a toast to mark the Household's birthday. Each and Every person in the encampment at that time is expected to make a toast. On occasions where there are 30 or more people gathered in the encampment, with hefty drinks following each toast, one can expect to find Baron Darryll arriving shortly....

OlafrFest and Thrall Games

The annual private bbq for the household to select its champions and test the mettle of its thralls.

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