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House Eisen in a household from the Three Mountains area, founded on June 26th, 2005. The purpose of House Eisen is to preserve the dream and inspire its members into creating art, pursuing recreational research, and re-creating medieval forms of entertainment within the society at large. A sense of family is created through group camping, group feasting, and through the friendships upon which the household is built. House Eisen seeks to promote the enjoyment that can be had by presenting a 'period' encampment, while maintaining the fun that comes from camping with good friends at SCA events.

House Eisen also sponsors a SCA Heavy Crossbow Unit, Eisengarde, although membership is not required of members.

House Heraldry: Per Saltaire Sable and Purpure, a Dragon Rampant Argent.


House Eisen has several traditions that will serve to preserve the dream within it, and to preserve the friendship of its members.

The first is the tradition of feasting. At every opportunity, House Eisen members will break bread together and share the responsibility of group meals at camping events.

The second tradition is that of the Social Gathering. During off-season, the household will attempt to hold a group social or party as often as possible. All members, guests of members, and members of sister households are asked to participate at these events.

The third tradition is that of the Patron Beast. Each member will select a patron beast (real or fantastic) to serve as his or her marker and signet. This beast will thereafter be noted as the person's heraldic animal and rune, to be used only by them within the household. The only beast forbidden is that of the Dragon, which is the signet of House Eisen itself.

Camp Rules

During camping events, all those camping with the household are expected to contribute to the set-up, up-keep, and breakdown of the camp. Camping with House Eisen is always 'period' camping. All campers must present only pre 17th century (or interpretations thereof...) tents, garb, gear, and other accessories outside of their own tent confines. Any modern or non-period item found exposed in camp may be removed and hidden by any patron member within their tent until such an item is requested by the owner of the item or at the end of the event, whichever comes first. No illegal drugs may be brought into camp. No underage drinking is allowed in camp. Anyone violating these rules may be banished from camp by any patron member.

Current Members

Patron Members and Patron Beasts: Edwyrd Von Eisen (the Sea Lion), Lauriel Von Eisen (the Dragonne), Onseon Dwelien (the Raven) Sustaining Members and Patron Beasts: Lazarus (the Bear), Jareth Farstrider (the Frog), Uthyr the Bastard (the Owl), Reynard Radies (the Fox), Brandilicious (the Kraken), Christos (the Hydra), Lee (the Unicorn), Arpad (the Centaur)