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House Daos symbol - black hand on a white eight pointed star on a purple field

Welcome Pilgrim to House Daos

Biography and History

House Daos was founded in 1993. The majority of House members live in the Barony of Three Mountains (Portland, Or). Our persona is that of group of missionaries who are part of a heretical off-shoot of the Catholic Church following medieval trade routes through Western Europe and the Middle East. While members are encouraged to participate in this persona, it is not required. Many members are active in the SCA and our members include heavy fighters, fencers, scribes, performers, artists and even royalty. Our house colors are black, purple and silver.

Daos Membership 20 Year

Daos Membership 10 Year

House Daos is also known as The Church of Daos. Daoish is the official "religion" of Daos although it’s actually just a parody of religion for entertainment purposes only. No one and nothing is worshiped and we neither discourage or promote religion.
To go with our Church persona, we also have an Inquisition. The purpose of the Daos Inquisition is to spread the light of Daos and convert the unwashed masses to Daoish and to entertain ourselves and the populace. To this end, many Daos have alternate “Cardinal” persona. Again, this is purely for entertainment purposes only.

Household Facts and Trivia

  • It's pronounced d-A-O. Rhymes with Mayo. The S is silent.
  • A group of Daos is called a Dirge of Daos.
  • The household was founded in 1993 by Uthyr the Unorthodox, Rosellan the Lost, Randy and Brew
  • House Daos is one of the oldest continuous-running households in An Tir
  • The head of the household, known as The Prophet, is an elected position voted on yearly by the membership with a maximum term of two consecutive years.
  • In 2001 House Daos established a set of rules and laws with which to run the household. We call this The Canon.
  • The household's persona was mostly based on Monty Python skits, rather than actual religion.
  • At the founding of the household we had 4 (maybe 5? no more than 6) members. At 10 year we had 22 members. At 20 year we were up to 28 members. As of 2020 (the household's 27th year) we have 33 active members.
  • The longest participating member (no breaks or time off) has been with the household for 23 years, there are 6 members who have been participating since at least Daos 10 year, and 1 member has been active since the founding.
  • In 2013, at the 20 year celebration the Daos created an order for the children of household members called Daos Minions. By 2019 over half of the former minions officially joined the household.
  • In 2019 House Daos got our first SCA Royalty when Anton (Antione) became Prince of the Summits.

Affiliated Groups

Aeon Babylon Players - This is the theater guild of House Daos. The Playmaster/mistress must be a member of the household, however the actors may or may not be members.

The Prophet's Guard - House Daos Rapier Company. Founded in 2003 by Don Chrestien de Valois. The Captain of the Guard must be a member of the household, however membership is not required of those in the company.
The Prophet's Guard's Kingdom Victories include:
An Tir / West War AS 43 (2003, 2006, 2008)
True Arte of Defense AS 40 (2003, 2005)
Privateer's Revel AS 38 (2004)
Baronial Revolt AS 38 (2003)

The Daos's Guard - House Daos Heavy Fighting Unit. Founded in 2001, the unit is made of House Daos and affiliate members and participates at some kingdom wars. Their colors are purple and black checked tabards.

Kingdom Awards

Armigerous Group 2003

Household Members

Lord Abd al-Eren
Lady Anne of Daos
Viscount Antoine à la Langue d'Or
The Honorable Lord Belsac von Basel aka Belsac of Daos
Benjamin the Bard
Lady Bronwyn an Kier
Chris Johnson
Deme von Detta
Her Ladyship Eden the Mad
Lady Efa filia Robert
Eleanor of Daos
Giuseppe “Brew” Pecoraro
Ian the Hunter
Lady Aetheria
Cardinal SinClaire aka His Lordship Michael SinClaire aka Cardinal Sin
Lady Red Molly the Black
Rhys Daoslayer
Rosso Valentino d'Angelico
Lord Sabastian DeWinter
Selvaggia Tomassi
Lady Sibyl of Daos
Simone Araignee Bella Morte Von Detta
Spunky Cheese
Stuart the Mad Alchemist
Lord Taliesin Ystalwyn

Household Minions


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