Gordon Redthorn

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Gordon Redthorn is a resident of Wyewood.


Offices held


I started in the Far West in AS 20.

My first event in An Tir was Alpine Pass War in AS 22

I started out making armor
added fighting and leather work.
I studied the Black Death
Became a man of Science
Stopped fighting due to a concussion received in a car accident.
Started doing wood carving, printing and paper making.
I became Kingdom Minister of A+S then broke my back and had to quit. (in two places!)
I'm better now, and recommend that anyone who wants to try breaking their back not do so.


My last name "Redthorn" comes from the German "Rotdorn". I based this on a group of silversmiths from Sterling, Germany, who came to England during the Reign of Edward III. It seems the English currency was badly debased and needed improvement. Thus, the term "British Sterling" means silver coins made in England by Germans. The Germans Anglicized their names, thus "Rot" became Red, and "Dorn" became "Thorn"

I came up with my name upon being told I had to have a name to get an AoA.