Einar and Svetlana

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Preceded by:
Ivar and Asney
Einar I and Svetlana
Fourteenth Prince and Princess of Avacal
22 Feb AS XXXVII/2003 – 16 Aug AS XXXVIII/2003
Succeeded by:
Steinn and Gemma


Their Highnesses Bestow an Award of Arms upon Lars of the Broken wheel.

http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2386/1779979435_38880d6205.jpg Their Excellencies at Coronet

  • Coronet: 2002/11/30 in Sigelhundas
  • Investiture: 2003/02/22
  • Stepped down: 2003/08/16 in Veraquilon? Borealis?