Dana Chathair Saibhin

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Dana Chathair Saibhin

(Prounounced "DAY-nuh" "Kuh-HAIR" "Suh-BEEN") (more commonly known as "Spritzie")

OP #1398

Or, a dragon rampant purpure maintaining a wooden harp proper, on a bordure vert three Celtic crosses Or.
Me at Baroness War 2003


8th Century Irish, Chathair Saibhin is a place on the west coast of Ireland, along the Ring of Kerry, with an ancient, stone ring-fort, the name means "Stone fort of Sabine" which is a woman's name.


Resides in Vulcanfeldt, resided in Three Mountains, originally from Aquaterra


Currently Chatelaine of Vulcanfeldt, formerly: Baronial Archer of Three Mountains, Water Bearer of Aquaterra, Deputy Kingdom Water Bearer

Service Summary:

Engaged in water bearing since 1993, across multiple baronies, and at the Kingdom level, from direct service to endless teaching and leadership in this essential service. The position of water bearing has changed in the 30 years of service she has provided, and she has always been innovative to assure that this essential service is available, regardless of where she lives, and the new directives put forward by the BOD and Kingdom. Also has extensive service as an event steward, retinue, demo coordinator, baronial officer, archer and when she could no longer shoot due to health reasons, continued to be a support and ambassador for the archery and thrown weapons community, at both the baronial and Kingdom level. She is also currently working on implementing a voluntary newcomer identification system, to help make sure they are fully supported in their entry into the SCA, as well as hosting in person meet and greet/ garb exchanges. Art as service: She has also worked on several embroidery projects that I believe also fall under service as they were works done on behalf of others, or the Kingdom as a whole. She embroidered a black stepping-up tunic for His Grace, Duke Styrkarr Jarlsskald, designed and embroidered two sleeve pieces, in a Norse style, for an An Tir Silent Herald Tabard, and she couched the tree and embroidered the detail on the birds for Finn Grim’s Laurel elevation garb, made an embroidered chatelaine as a gift for then Queen Helene d’Anjou.


Joined in 1993, belonged to households: Falconmoors, Bowslaire, and Burning Bear. Water Bearer Officer for six years, Kingdom Deputy Water Bearer for two years, stewarded Boars Hunt (twice) and Honey War. Served on retinue for Rosamund and Wyll Hauk. Helped run the archery range as a Jr. TAM. Moved to Madrone, continued to play in Aquaterra, hosted two school demos in Seattle.

Water Bearing:

Water bearing is my passion. Served as a Baronial Water Bearer and in charge of it at events local, regional and Kingdom, all over An Tir, served as Deputy Kingdom Water Bearer, taught classes in it, earned the official nickname of "Spritzie" (it's in the OP) doing it. Most recently in charge of the new serve yourself hydration station at May Crown.

Three Mountains:

Stewarded First Court of Sebastiaen and Erika, did some retinue for them, was instructor recruiter/coordinator for Archery Academy twice, Baronial Archer (recruited a better qualified replacement), was on the An Tir Décor team two 12th Nights, water bearing at Sport of Kings, in charge of it at July Cor, helped at Stormgods, attempted to steward the first Tri-Baronial Archery & Thrown Weapons Championships.


Archery is my second passion, though I can no longer shoot. Tried for 3 years to steward Archery Fest (wildfire smoke and “the plague”) finally succeeded, though it was changed to Vulcanalia. Taught a class in seam embellishment, won Arts & Sciences Championship with my haversack (served two years due to “plague”). Currently Chatelaine (with one year extension) hosted messenger chat with newcomers (during “plague”) on-line Newcomers Welcome Chat event, in person Newcomers’ Social & Garb Exchange, working on implementing the voluntary Newcomers Identification Program.

Arts & Scences

Seam embellishment embroidery was my “gateway drug”, though most of my embroidery and applique’ is self-taught. Won intermediate category A&S contest at Yule with husband’s Rus coat. Honored to be invited to: embroider stepping-up tunic for His Grace, Styrkarr, design and embroider Silent Kingdom Herald tabard sleeves, couched the tree and birds on Finn Grim’s Laurel elevation cloak, and a heraldically embroidered sewing chatelaine for Queen Helene. Made and donated many sewing chatelaines for largess (SCA cultural but very useful). Won two minor contests and one A&S Championship. Recently became Apprentice to Maestra Adrianna the Fierce, who will teach me research and documentation and my active Apprentice sister will teach me embroidery (I have SO Much to learn)!