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aka The Brat

Cap't Hook
Cap't Hook


Born 15th Century (1450 Present Age 7) in the Black Forest. Grew up as a barn cat and blacksmith's apprentice's companion. As a young cat left home to travel to the south to join a Barbary Corsair.

Non Official Achievements

  • Ship's Favor (The Viridian Star) Dec 2010
  • Made Captain of the Pragadon (The Viridian Star's Longboat, Currently in dry dock for repairs, cats dont make good sailors lol ) By Former Captain Draven of Pragadon Sept 2009
  • Only mascot in the Sca to be Captain of his OWN ship. (Longboat)

More Information

  • Sails on The Viridian Star
  • Owned by Lord Ulrich HelleFeuer
  • Never caught a mouse or rat in his life!
  • Owners Email Address for complaints about the Capt. is
The Viridian Star Flag