Aspasia Bevilacqua

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At Canterbury Fayre, AS XLII
Resides: Hartwood
Date Started: 2005
OP Entry: [An Tir OP]
Offices: Chief Scribe
Intreccia la fiducia con la verità.
Azure, a rabbit salient and an owl respectant Or, on a chief dovetailed argent a stick shuttle threaded gules.
Aspasia badge 1.jpg
Perched upon the back of a coney courant azure, an owl contourny Or
Aspasia badge 2.jpg
A stick shuttle fesswise reversed gules threaded argent

Persona Background

My name is La Signora Aspasia Bevilacqua and this is my story.

My father, Nicolas Antonopoulos married Sofia Marfisa and brought her to Cyprus in the early 1400’s. He made a name for himself, plying the seas to bring, at first, supplies, and eventually luxuries such as spices and cloth. He was known to made a good bargain but never cheated. I was born in the month of June in the year of 1440 in the city of Nicosia, the place of the Lusignan dynasty. My mother made sure that I was schooled in the arts of running a household. I became an accomplished weaver of linen.

My father loved me very much and spared no expense to make sure that I was educated, believing that I should be able to work alongside any husband that he chose. In the year 1460, he found just that. Marco Bevilacqua, a merchant of the Venetian family of fine velvet cloth, was a good match for our families. The Bevilacqua family had property and dealings with Firenze and so Marco and I went there as a wool merchant. I produced two healthy daughters and a son. Our son has joined the Bevilacqua family in Venezia, weaving velvet.

We continue to create and sell our wares. I weave for the people near me while my husband continues to work with wool.

Aspasia weaving.jpg
Aspasia weaving2.jpg

Aspasia of the Known World

I am a member of the Embellisher's Guild as a Journeyman, working on my Craftsman. I am interested in spinning, weaving, dyeing with natural dyes, cooking, sewing, illumination and calligraphy, and archery.
Apprentice to Tangwystl d'Courci


I was the Chief Scribe for my branch, as of Feb 2019 to Yule 2022.

Services beyond Office

  • Event Steward: Champions Favour E-Vent 2020
  • Event Steward: Medieval Market Day Demo 2022
  • Event Steward: Mid Summer's Champions 2022
  • Event Steward: Medieval Fall Fair and Demo, Sept 2023
  • Feast Chef: Daffodil in 2023
  • Facilitator: Historic Arts Workshop; a mostly weekly A&S gathering

Personal Growth

  • Atheneaum, From Fibre to Cloth 2021; an online event.
  • Kingdom A&S Feb. 2023; From Fleece to Gown, The Making of A late 15th C Gamurra