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Asim at his first SCA event; An Tir/West War XLV/2010.

This is the Wiki page for Asim Hassan, mundanely known as C.J. Hayes. He is a former member of The Iron Ring and a friend of the War Band Havoc, new to the SCA, and has finally returned to An Tir.

Persona History

Asim Farooq Hassan was born to Farooq and Farah Hassan in the Emirate of Granada in 1485 during the Granada War. His father was a teacher and his mother an artisan. When the Spaniards went about, forcing Muslims to convert to Christianity, Farooq refused...

“I was just a boy when they came. They burst through the door in the middle of the day, brandishing their weapons and pointing them to and fro. They told my father than these lands were being retaken by "their majesties" Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile, and that by their orders, we were to follow their god and their laws... or leave. The other choice was death. My father was a fierce Muslim. He said that he would never forsake his faith in Allah and drew his sword in defiance…

I watched as they cut my father down. I can still see the look in his eye as he lay dying. My mother and I were dragged out into the street. I remember how so many of my people, devout Muslims under the cover of night, watched. They watched and done nothing. My mother pled for our lives and we were spared…but only under the condition that we leave…

And so when King Boabdil surrendered Granada to the Spaniards, my mother and I left. We boarded a ship for Morocco. My mother remarried to a Berber named Anwar Asad. I never believed they loved each other. My mother simply needed him and the riches he had obtained. Anwar was a sellsword. A fighter for the highest bidder. When my mother had succumbed to illness, Anwar refused to abandon me. Instead, he took me with him and his band of soldiers for hire.

I was twelve when I killed for the first time…

After that, it became easy. We rode across north Africa, fighting for those who would pay us the most. Such has been my life ever since. I am what I am; a mercenary.“


An Tir/West War XLV/2010: Asim was attached to The Iron Ring Mercenary Company and fought with the 5th Brigade under the command of Earl Edward Ian Anderson

On May 28th, 2011, Asim swore fealty to Sir Rodrigo Alfonso de Granada and became his squire at SCA event; Grand Thing.]]

Asim has since then disappeared. Some believe him to have been killed whiled on campaign. Strangely enough, there is a Myrmidon that looks a lot like him...