Arion the Wanderer

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Arion's Arms:
Or, goutty de sang,
on a pile throughout azure, a trident Or

Arion's Badge:
Gules, a trident within a orle Or
Motto: Areté
  • Barony of Dragon's Laire
  • Persona

    I am Arion, called the Wanderer, a 4th century BC anachronism in the SCA culture. I was born to a Greek mother and Celt father in the Greek trading colony of Olbia in the Scythian lands north of the Euxine Sea. My father traded gold and silver torcs between his homeland of Alesia in Gaul, along the great mother river, the Danuvius, all the way to Scythia. When I reached an age where my father thought me useful, he taught me his trade. After he died, I traveled south of the great mountains into the fertile lands north of Rome. This trip changed my life for the better. When I was trading with the Senones in the Po river valley, Roman "ambasadors" killed a Senone chieftian. As a matter of honor, the Senone tribesmen lead by Brennus, traveled to Rome and sacked the city. It fell except for the fortified Capitoline Hill. After seven months of raids in the country side and multiple failed attempts to capture the Capitoline Hill brought us to an impasse, the Romans agreed to give us 14 talents of gold to leave. My share of this bounty allows me to travel and trade as I will.

    I have traveled the world, meeting sages and Kings. I've learned the god's names among the foreign peoples and their rites of worship. At Sais, the temple priests told me of Egypt's history back thousands of years, and of how Poseidon's anger destroyed the Minoan civilization. I have seen more than Odysseus and live to tell the tales.

    Order of Precedence

    Sable Gauntlet: AS LIII

    Pelican: AS L

    Kingdom Protector: AS XLIX - AS L

    Laurel, conferring the title Magister, AS XLVII

    Lion's Strength, AS XLV

    Grey Goose Shaft, conferring the title Archos, AS XL

    Et cetera

    Arts & Sciences

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    Engraving coin dies and seals
    Dragon coin die.jpg
    Black Lion Herald's Great Seal.JPG
    Scythian deer.JPG
    Pierce work
    Cedric's vane.jpg
    Wood carving
    Gripping beasts.JPG
    Leather working
    Boyer & Fletcher
    Research: Experimental archaeology of Greek, Roman and Celt coin making
    Experimental bronze coin die.jpg
    Coin Blank experiment.JPG
    Bardic Arts: I recite hauntingly beautiful poetry.


    I am a good teacher and eager to pass on all that I know. You have but to ask.

    Martial Arts

    Combat Archery: I am feared on the war field.

    Thrown Weapons: I am one of the top throwers in the Known World.

    Archery: I am an average archer and especially enjoy York, Clout and Flight shoots.

    Senior Thrown Weapons, Target Archery and Armored Combat Marshal

    Service to the Dream

    Keeper of the Thrown Weapons Interkingdom Challenge: 2008 - 2014

    An Tir Thrown Weapons Scorekeeper: 2005 - 2011

    An Tir Thrown Weapons Deputy: 2005 - 2008

    Dragon's Laire Thrown Weapons Officer: multiple times

    Royal Archer: 2012

    Secretary of the Order of the Grey Goose Shaft: 2008 - 2015

    Minister of the Moneyer's Guild of An Tir: 2012 - present

    A&S Judge: on-call