Aróc ingen Cormaic

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Her Ladyship Aróc ingen Cormaic

Aróc resides in the Barony of Seagirt in Tir Righ. She is previously from Cold Keep, when it was still in Avacal, and she may still be often heard to say that's where her heart lies, although she is enjoying getting to know the people in her new Barony immensely. Aróc enjoys children and teaching and several years ago created the Avacal Companie of Pages program. This was off to a good start when mundane life intervened and moved her away from the Knowne World entirely for a time, and Avacal to date. She can still often be found working with our youth at events and is currently working towards co-designing a program for those in the Barony of Seagirt, with them.


24-Feb-01 A&S Champion of Cold Keep

30-Jun-01 Award of Arms

29-Sep-01 White Claw

19-Jan-02 Princess' Knott

16-Aug-03 Princess' Knott

04-Aug-12 Princess' Knott

30-01-16 Goutte de Sang (An Tir)


Former Chronicler - Cold Keep

Currently Deputy Seneschal - Barony of Seagirt


Avacal June Coronet, June 7-8 XXXVIII/2003


Youth, embroidery, clothing, brewing

Often found in the company of:

Tatiana the Outspoken

Tangwystl verch Glyn

Letitia Talbott

Tatiana Alexievna

Sarra Venatrix

Meagan ferch Meredydd