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Anne Brynley


Award of Arms - 2002 West

Tortuga (Barony of Tarnmist - West) - 2004

Leaf of Merit - 2004 West

Goutte de Sang - 2007 An Tir

Snapdragon (Dragon's Laire) - 2006

Bumblebee (Dragon's Laire) - 2007

Wyvern (Dragon's Laire} - 2008

Jambe de Lion - 2010 An Tir

At Dragon's Laire Yule, 2009 in my new Byzantine Garb

I found the SCA in 1982 in the Kingdom of CAID. My initial name was Erika of the Blue Rose. I didn't know then what I know now, obviously, as that name proved to not be period and I decided not to be Norse. So after playing on and off in numerous places, I resurrected myself in 1999 as Anne Brynley, an Irish lass and began playing in the Canton of Borderwinds and the Barony of Tarnmist in the West. I held offices of Webminister and Chronicler and was also nominated for a Black Fox award in AS 39 for The Mermaid's Tale, Tarnmist's Newsletter. I was also a merchant (Medieval Moon) and traveled with my wares. I made embroidered tabletop banners (great for feasts) that had devices on them. I moved to the Kingdom of An Tir in 2005 and joined the Barony of Dragon's Laire and quickly went to work serving my new Barony. After years and years of being a seamstress, I discovered the scribal arts in 2006 and have been pointed in that direction ever since. I am currently the Guildmistress for the Dragon's Laire Scribal Guild and the Baronial Scribe. In 2009, I was fortunate to be apprenticed to Dame Tamlyn of Wyntersea so that I may study the scribal arts more diligently. It is an exciting field of study and I am enjoying learning calligraphy, gilding and painting illuminated manuscripts.

My persona has changed a number of times but the past few years I have been a French woman from the early 1400s. I was living near Agincourt and my husband was killed in the battle. An English soldier, Oliver Tarney, took pity on me and after gathering up my belongings, found a way to bring me back to England. We married and although I longed for my homeland of France, I have learned to bring it to me in other ways.

Update: I have now traveled back in time from 15th century France to the area of Constantinople in the 12th century and am living within the Byzantine empire. I was brought here by a rich patron who promised to make it worth my while. Although I miss my family in England, it is exciting to get to see a different part of the world. My wealthy patron buys the finest silks and jewels to adorn me with and I am able to acquire wonderful tradegoods to take back to my husband in England. In exchange, I sew, paint and scribe for him and he allows me time to travel. There are so many things to see and do. It is a colorful and vibrant culture. I am trying new foods and spices and learning the customs of this different part of the world. From time to time, I am able to travel forward in time to my French & English home and visit my husband, Oliver Tarney. Time traveling has become a favorite past-time. I would like for my husband to join me in Constantinople but so far, he has his feet embedded solidly in his homeland of England.

== Examples of Work

My first Kingdom Charter design (and calligraphy) that was accepted for use.
My first White Scarf Scroll
The White Scarf Scroll, in Detail
The White Scarf Calligraphy