An Tir Bardic Championship XLII/2007

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September 22 to 23, XXXXII/2007
Aquaterra (Snohomish County, WA)
Raphaella Dicontini, Soelig Sweetglee, Isebel von Waldeck
Saturday - Trinity Episcopal Church, 2301 Hoyt Ave, Everett, WA 98201
Sunday - Everett High School, 2416 Colby Ave, Everett, WA 98201
(briefly) Sample: Cold, with snow on the ground.
(highlights as mentioned in event copy)
Sample: Queen's Rapier Champion Tournament on Sunday
Sample: Costumer's Guild Contest: Full Court Garb

Event Highlights

What happened in court.

Site Copy

Greetings unto the populace of An Tir, especially those whose passion tends towards bardic pursuits and the performing arts. The fifth Kingdom Bardic Championship (KBC) will be held this year on September 22th-23th.

The event will be split between two sites, just blocks away from each other, in Everett, WA
Saturday's festivities will be at:
Trinity Episcopal Church
2301 Hoyt Ave
Everett, WA 98201
Sunday's finals will be held at Everett High School:
2416 Colby Ave.
Everett, WA 98201

His Royal Highness has decided that He will have a fight practice on Saturday.
Children’s activities will be going on throughout the day, Saturday. Please watch for an upcoming schedule.

There will also be an Italian feast created by Baroness Fiamma for 10$ per person on Saturday evening. A soup lunch will be available Saturday for 2$ per person.

Site fees for all Kingdom events are:
15 USD ($3 NMS applied to all non-members charged an adult rate) or 16 Canadian ($4 NMS applied to all non-members charged an adult rate).

More information will be forthcoming as it is confirmed.

This will be a two-day competition, along the basic lines of Kingdom Arts and Sciences. Just as for the Kingdom A&S Championship, contestants will need to declare their intention to enter in advance of the competition. The deadline for applications is July Coronation (the deadline might be extended if you have a compelling reason why you could not meet the original deadline - this will be decided on a case by case basis). This year's KBC will be held in the charming Barony of Aquaterra. If you intend to compete for OVERALL Kingdom Bardic Champion you must notify, in writing, the Crown, the A&S Minister, and the Kingdom Bardic Deputy. 'In writing' will include snail mail, e-mail, and / or physically handing the written letter of intent to the parties in question. The email addresses of the Crown and the A&S Minister appear at the end of this message.

It is also possible to enter single entries at KBC, which can be an excellent way to get feedback and exposure. A single entry is also a good way to test the waters if going for overall Bardic Champion seems too intimidating. If you wish to enter a single entry, you do not have to send a formal letter of intent to all the parties listed, but you do need to send me an email listing your name and very specific details about your proposed entry ('song' is not specific). Single entries also do not have to meet the July Coronation deadline, but there are a limited number of spaces for single entries , so the sooner you contact me the better. When we run out of judging slots, no further single entries will be allowed. No single entries will be allowed at the last minute.

More information about the 5th KBC will be posted as it becomes available.
The rules, procedures and other details pertaining to KBC can be found on the KBC website: .

People who need to receive your Letter of Intent to enter for overall Bardic Champion:

  • Kingdom Bardic Deputy
  • Their Royal Majesties, King and Queen of An Tir
  • Crown Prince and Crown Princess
  • Kingdom Arts & Sciences Minister

In service,
HL Raffaella di Contini / HL Soelig Sweetglee / Lady Isebel von Waldeck
Autocrats AnTir Kingdom Bardic Championship


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Sample: Twelfth Night Pictures By Lord Joe Populace

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