Agnés berengarii de girona

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Agnés berengarii de girona
Resides: Kingdom of the West
Date Started: 1985
Awards: Order of Precedence
Offices: Many over the years
Vert, five cauldrons in saltire Or


SCA I joined the SCA in 1985 in the Kingdom of Caid. I moved to the Barony of Dragon's Laire, AnTir in 1994 and then the Barony of Blatha an Oir. Then, I moved to the Province of Silver Desert (Reno, NV), Principality of Cynagua, Kingdom of the West in 2011. While I enjoy a variety of activities within the SCA, I have chosen to focus on string. I am married to El Senyor Honorado Abrahe çaragoça de girona and the mother of Antonia Ursula "The Turnip" çaragoça berengarii.

I am protégé to Mistress Caolinn Rose Maddox and apprentice to Hanim Chaninai bint Ibrahim ibn Rashid and, currently, Exchequer for the Principality of Cynagua. A&S is an important part of the SCA culture, as it provides us with not only the visual aspects of our hobby (ie – armor, banners, garb, etc), but, also, our educational mission. I am a cheerleader for the Arts & Sciences in the SCA.

Period La Senyora Honorada, Agnes beregarii de girona is a lady living in the last decade of the 15th Century in Girona, Catalonia. Her family were lesser nobles who dabbled in a little trade. Agnes is a needlewoman and enjoys opening her larder to the benefit of guests.


Agnes's areas of interest include, but are not limited to: 15th-16th century Spain, Needlework, costuming and culinary.

Sweetbag for Elspeth
Patch for Pennsic Gift Bag


Order of the Scarf of the Rose Leaf - Oct 28, LVIII (2023) - Miles and Jitka
Jambe de Lion/Grant of Arms Aug 24, AS XXXVII (2002) Unknown An Tir
Goutte de Sang Mar 4, AS XL (2006) Unknown An Tir
Rose Leaf Feb 15, AS XLVIII (2014) Silver Desert Dessert Revel Thorfinn & Violante (West)
Leaf of Merit May 26, AS LIV (2019) Cynagua Coronet Tournament Seth & Gwendwyn (Cynagua)
Award of Arms Nov 22, AS XXI (1986) Unknown Caid
Gratia Coronae, Cypher of the Sep 5, AS LVI (2021) Fall Crown Tournament and Coronation Uther & Vera (West)
Melan Pteron Cynagua Sep 27, AS XLIX (2014) Silver Desert Harvest Feast Jost & Isolte (Cynagua)
Scutiferus Cynaguae Sep 22, AS LIII (2018) Silver Desert Collegium Rolf & Danaë (Cynagua)
Friendly Castle Apr 21, AS XLVI (2012) Silver Desert War Practice Richard & Alloria (Cynagua)
La Courtesia Nov 16, AS XLVIII (2013) Silver Desert Harvest Feast and Faire Michael & Sciath (Cynagua)
Princess' Token Jul 13, AS XLVIII (2013) Cynagua Investiture Eowyn (Cynagua)
Princess' Token Jul 13, AS LIV (2019) Cynagua Investiture Gwendwyn (Cynagua)
Princess' Token Jan 25, AS LIV (2020) Cynagua Investiture Else (Cynagua)
Coronet's Favor (Cynagua) Jan 29, AS LVI (2022) Cynagua Cancer Tournament Cormac & Caoilinn (Cynagua)
Prince's Token Jul 16, AS LVII (2022) Cynagua Investiture Cormac (Cynagua)
Princess' Token Jul 16, AS LVII (2022) Cynagua Investiture Caoilinn (Cynagua)
Pearl of the Court Jul 16, AS LVII (2022) Cynagua Investiture Cormac & Caoilinn (Cynagua)
Black Wing Nov 16, AS XLVIII (2013) Silver Desert Harvest Feast and Faire Michael & Sciath (Cynagua)

Towers of Dreiburgen Apr 27, AS XXV (1991) Unknown Barony of Dreiburgen (Caid)
Wyvern Jun 6, AS XXXIII (1998) Unknown Barony of Dragon's Laire (An Tir)
Green Leaf Jun 16, AS XXXVI (2001) Unknown Barony of Madrone (An Tir)
Golden Blossom Jul 12, AS XXXIX (2004) Unknown Barony of Blatha an Oir (An Tir)
Briar Sep 10, AS XL (2005) Unknown Barony of Blatha an Oir (An Tir)
Panther's Torch Apr 1, AS XLIII (2009) Unknown Barony of Blatha an Oir (An Tir)

Court of Cynagua Oct 3, AS LVI (2021) Cynagua Coronet Tournament and Investiture Cormac & Caoilinn (Cynagua)
Cynaguan Artisans Jan 26, AS LIII (2019) Cynagua Investiture Seth & Gwendwyn (Cynagua)
Cynaguan Artisans Jul 13, AS LIV (2019) Cynagua Investiture Heinrich & Else (Cynagua)

Einar's bag