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Sir William Brannan: Known as Sir Morgil en Tuaro Andune’ while living in Atenveldt.
• Real Name: Troy Griffith
• First SCA Event: Atenveldt Crown 1974 (Age of 12)
Squired to Sir Jonathan Crusiden Whitewolf: 1976-1978
• Man at Arms to Master Ivan DeGray: 1978-1982
Knighted: 1982
• Introduced the "Schlager" rapier to the SCA: 1985 Atenveldt
• While Kingdom Rapier Marshal rewrote the Atenveldt Rapier Manual: 1987 making the "Schlager" the standard blade for rapier.
• Slacked off from active SCA involvement for mundane concerns: 1989
• Moved to An Tir: 1991
• Became active again: 1992 Rejoined the SCA with the name William Brannan.
• Introduced the "Schlager" to An Tir: 1992 (Met with some resistance. ;>)
• Won Summits Defender: 1994 and assisted (With many others) in preparing the Summits for Principality Status.
• Return to only occasionally attending events in favor of equestrian studies: 1999
• Began training himself, his horses Medieval Gaming: 2003
• Returned to the SCA to try his hand at SCA Equestrian Events: May Crown 2008 and was authorized as a junior equestrian marshal.
• Trains others and their horses in Medieval Gaming. This includes the SCA’s games but is not limited to them. He also teaches equine activities not currently done in the SCA, which are regularly practiced in groups like the Warhorse Challenge Association.
• Continues to fight Rapier and now holds regular rapier practice in Glyn Dwfn
• Returned to teaching and fighting Heavy Combat - January 2009.
• Made Principality Equestrian Officer for the Summits - February 2009