Vladimir Andreivich Aleksandrov

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Sable, a wolf dormant in chief three chevronels inverted braced argent.'

He's just zis guy, you know?

Hey, if anybody wants to add anything to this, go for it. I'd be curious to see what people write here. - Vlad

Dear Uncle Vlad, Is there any way to make you realize that people love hearing your responses to questions? Thanks, HangingOnYourWords

- Doer of things

-Filler of voids

- Known for being completely oblivious to how well-loved and widely respected he is.

- known for occasionally adding ridiculous nicknames to his friends' OP entries. One of these earned him the moniker Дядя Володя надоедливый (Dyadya Volodya Nadoyedlivyy - Uncle Vlad the Annoying). But we love him anyway.

Countess Melissa Kendal of Westmoreland was a dear friend and ally and I shall miss her greatly. She took it upon herself to write a letter of recommendation for me to be elevated to the Order of the Pelican. I cannot think of anyone whose recommendation I could value more. It was her wish that this letter be read out in Court, but for whatever reason that did not occur. That saddened her greatly, and I think it would please her to have it here on my wiki, so that all can see her incredible heart and how much she cared about others, and about the Society:

"Greeting Unto Their Majesties, Christian and Helene, undoubted King and Queen of AnTir, Their Royal Highnesses, Savaric and Dalla, Heirs to the Sable Lion Thrones, and to the Members of the Order of the Pelican, from Countess Melissa Kendal of Westmoreland,

Your Majesties, Your Highnesses, Noble Masters and Mistresses,

I come before you to talk about Your subject, Vladimir Andreivich Aleksandrov. Others will speak of the ways Vladimir has served Yourselves, Your kingdom and Your people. I have been asked to speak about his service as a constable.

Both my husband and myself spent many years working with Vlad as a constable. We relied on his wisdom, his calm, his discretion, and his ability to be where a situation was occurring quietly until his voice was needed. He was one of the most reliable constables in Tir Righ, and in fact in all of AnTir. We never had to intervene in a situation that Vlad had taken on. His very demeanour imputed calm to those around him, often in the most tense situations. We never had to worry that Vlad would spread word of the details of a situation. He was always the soul of discretion, His lips were closed, except to those of his superiors who had to know. Often I have spent many evenings walking a site and run into Vlad who was also keeping us safe. I miss working with him very much.

Your Majesties, Your Highnesses, I would be filled with joy if you decide to ask Vladimir to join the ranks of the Order of the Pelican. In my mind, he has been a peer for many years.

At Your Service and in Your Service, Melissa"

Knowing that she wrote these words on my behalf will never fail to make me tear up. - Vlad



  • Principality Archer, Tir Righ
  • Sinister Gauntlet Herald, An Tir
  • Seneschal, Ramsgaard
  • Dean-Marshal, TUTR
  • Silver Wolf (Senior Voice) Herald, Tir Righ
  • Silver Yale Principal Herald, Tir Righ
  • Chief Archer, Ramsgaard
  • Shire Herald, Cold Keep
  • Master of Stables, Cold Keep
  • Chief Archer, Cold Keep
  • Deputy Principality Herald, Avacal
  • Deputy Kingdom Constable, An Tir
  • Northern Regional Herald
  • Constable, Lions Gate


  • Baroness's Champion of Science(Lions Gate), 1990
  • Rapier Champion (Cold Keep), 1999
  • Archery Champion (Cold Keep),2003
  • Heavy Champion (Cold Keep), 2004
  • Heavy Champion (Cold Keep), 2005