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An Tir's Navy

  • Previously Known As House HellFire
The Viridian Star Flag


  • To Accurately Portray Naughtical Personas and Lifestyle from the Time Periods Between 750 and 1150 C.E.
  • We have many different countries and time periods represented within our crew.
  • The Viridian Star is a Viking Crew / Family

History of The Viridian Star

The Viridian Star was originally House HelleFeuer within the borders of the Barony of Glymm Mere. The "House" was started in 2003 by Ulrich and Diana HelleFeuer.

In 2005, at the suggestion of a few of the higher ranking house members, we set sail from Glymm Mere to the waters of Dragon's Laire and adopted the new setting of a Merchant Vessel for the Ottoman Empire.

The name of "House HelleFeuer" was changed to The Viridian Star at Last Chance 2006. we have been sailing the waters around An Tir in service to the Crown ever since.

In 2014, The crew was downsized to the current listed members. We no longer accept new crew members or conscripts. At the time of the meeting of the founding members and the captain, we also decided to take on the Norse/Viking Role since most of our Personas are from the area/period.

The Viridian Star is now a Viking Crew/Ship sailing the seas of An Tir.


  • Hanz HelleFeuer---------------Captain
  • Lord Ulrich HelleFeuer-------1st Mate
  • Diana HelleFeuer--------------Master Mate
  • Pati HelleFeuer-----------------Master Mate / Treasurer
  • Nikola HelleFeuer-------------Gunner----------------------= 1st lt
  • Iris Ulrichsdottir----------------Enforcer---------------------= 2nd Lt.
  • Jason Amandaslave----------Asst Enforcer---------------= 2nd Lt in Training
  • Jacob HelleFeuer-------------Asst Enforcer---------------= 2nd Lt.
  • Paul-------------------------------NPF---------------------------= 2nd lt in training
  • Capt Hook-----------------------Ship's Mascot
  • Leeloo the Wolf----------------Ship's Guard/Mascot
  • Koda the Wolf------------------Ship's Guard/Mascot

Ship's Hierarchy


  • Captain
  • 1st Mate/Master Mate
  • Mate
  • 1st Lt
  • 2nd Lt
  • 2nd Lt in Training
  • Ship's Guard/Ship's Mascot
  • 3rd Lt
  • 3rd Lt in Training
  • Conscript


  • Fencing
  • Archery
  • Heavy Fighting
  • Steelworking/Blacksmithing
  • Leatherworking
  • Bowyer
  • Cooking
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Medieval Life

Awards Given By Ship

  • Ship's Favor - Awarded for Outstanding Service to the Crew and to the S.C.A.

Regular Crew Events

This Year's Event Schedule (2014)

More Information

[[File:|200px|thumb|left|]] Currently Sailing The Waters of Dragon's Laire

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