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Per fess indented argent and sable, a bear statant and a laurel wreath counterchanged.

The Shire of Tir Bannog is located in the Principality of Tir Righ. It includes the (modern) communities of Hazelton, Smithers, Houston and Burns Lake, British Columbia.


1996: First Feast of St. Crispin's event held; Tir Bannog becomes an incipent Shire.

1997: First Fields of Gold event held.

1999: Fields of Gold Educational Centre Site established (located at Quick, BC, approximately 20 minutes east of Smithers, BC).

1999: 'Tir Bannog, Shire of' branch name registered.

2000: 'Tir Bannog, Shire of' device registered.

2001: Shire of Tir Bannog Founded : January 13 XXXV/2001. Our sponsoring shire was Ramsgaard.

2006: Our first Hafoc!

2007: Household of Boar Mountain Hold (Shire members living in Burns Lake, BC) created.

2008: First Burning Man fun archery shoot held.

2009: Fields of Gold Educational Centre recognized as a Royal Sanctuary.

2009: Our second Hafoc!

2011: 'Boar Mountain Hold' Household name registered.

2012: 'Boar Mountain Hold' Household badge registered.

2013: Our first Pelican!

2015: Our third Hafoc!


Current Champions (updated 2015-July-17)

Arts and Science Defender: Briggid ingen Eamon

Bardic Defender: John 'Tewl' Gover

Brewing Defender: Terina of Cold Keep

Heavy Defender: Laric Godwin (of Lionsgate)

Rapier Defender: Castra D'Or (of King's Land, Avacal)

Target Archery Defender: John 'Tewl' Gover

Target Archery - Junior Defender: Carac of Tir Bannog

Current Officers (updated 2015-July-17)

Seneschal: Dame Betha of Dawlish

Deputy Seneschal:

Exchequer: Brigid ingen Eamon

Master of Stables: Lord Nikolaas D’Anvers

Herald: Lady Alys Lakewood

Webminister: Lord Piers Lakewood

Chatelaine: Lord Rhoibhilin Lucht Teaghe Saelach Sept O’Cholmain

Notable Residents

Dame Betha of Dawlish, Order of the Pelican

Arloettes John 'Tewl' Gover, Hafoc, Gallant of Borealis

HL Josephine Blackthorn, Hafoc

HL Liam Dughlas, Hafoc


Major Events

Fields of Gold. Held at the Fields of Gold Educational Center (Quick, BC) in early July, usually the second weekend. The Fields of Gold event is where Tir Bannog chooses its Defenders in the fields of Heavy Fighting and Target Archery. There is also a fun Rapier Tourney, a Helm lunch auction, a Midsummer’s Rose/Gallant Thorn contest, and more...

Feast of St. Crispin's. Held at variable locations within Shire in late October, usually the third weekend. The Feast of St. Crispin’s is where Tir Bannog chooses its Defenders in the fields of Rapier, Arts & Sciences, Brewing and Bardic. In addition, there is a Prize Tourney for the Heavy fighters, a “Buy an Arrow” archery shoot, a silent auction and a fun A&S Competition. Of course, there is a feast to honour St. Crispin!

Not necessarily major events

Burning Man Archery Shoot. Held in Boar Mountain Hold, in late September or early October. Besides a pot luck feast, pick up fights and great company, a fun Target Archery shoot is run to determine which two lucky archers get to set the Burning Man on fire when the sun goes down!

Awards and Tokens

Midsummer Rose (unofficial title, held for one year)

Gallant Thorn (unofficial title, held for one year)

External Links

Tir Bannog website is at http://tirbannog.tirrigh.org/