Thorkell Palsson

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Quarterly azure and vert, in fess two dice argent spotted sable.

þorkell Palsson started playing in Akornebir in AS 43, and has never looked back. He enjoys facilitating other's enjoyment of the SCA. Event Stewarding, helping, sitting gate, teaching, and other things that need to be done.

þorkell and his wife Guðrun Sæbjarnarsdottir have two children.

Awards and Honors
Court Baron May 18, AS LIX / 2024
l'Esperon et du Lion May 18, AS LIX / 2024
Baroness' Favor (Vulcanfeldt) April 10, AS LVI / 2022
Baron's Favor (Vulcanfeldt) April 10, AS LVI / 2022
Order of the Pelican March 7, AS LIV / 2020
Baroness' Favor (Wealdsmere) February 21 AS LIV / 2020
Whimsical Order of the Ailing Wit November 10, AS LIII / 2018
Sable Gauntlet April 21, AS LII / 2018
Baroness's Favor (Wastekeep) Oct 28, AS LII / 2017
Golden Garter Oct 28, AS LII / 2017
Rapier Defender of Dregate, September 9, AS LII / 2017
King's Favor July 15, AS LII / 2017
Forget-Me-Not July 15, AS LII / 2017
Throne's Favor of An Tir July 15, AS LII / 2017
Flaming Salamander May 13, AS LII / 2017
Golden Stag of Wastkeep Oct 1, AS LI / 2016
Gallant (Order of Sergentry) Aug 6, AS LI / 2016
Baron's Favor (Wastekeep) June 10 AS LI / 2016
Compass Rose June 10 AS LI / 2016
Forget-me-not Jan 9 AS L / 2016
Company of Ratotuskr Nov 14, AS L / 2015
Rapier Champion of Akornebir Nov 14, AS L / 2015
Master Chirurgeon May 16 AS L / 2015
Captain of Wastekeep's Sergentry April 1 AS XLIX / 2015
Silver Keep December 13 AS XLIX / 2014
Baroness Favor (Wastekeep) Oct 4 AS XLIX / 2014
Steward (Order of Courtier) Aug 2 AS XLIX / 2014 (
Goutte de Sang May 17 AS XLIX / 2014
Award of Arms May 22 AS XLV / 2011
Blasted Tree November 14 AS XLIV / 2009
Offices Held
Seneshal of Akornebir AS LVIII to Present
Inlands Regional Pelican Secretary AS LVI to Present
Chancellor of the Exchequer - Laurel Sovereign of Arms' College of Heralds AS LIV to Present
Baron of Wastekeep AS XII to AS LIX
Herald - Canton of Akornebir AS XLIX to Present
Exchequer - Canton of Akornebir AS LII to LVIII
Deputy Exchequer - College of Heralds - AS LII to Present
Deputy Guild Master - An Tir Chirurgeons - AS XLIX to Present
Exchequer - Barony of Wastekeep AS XLVIII to AS LII
Court Herald (Wastekeep) AS XLIX to LII
Royal Court Reporter, Styrkarr & Stjarna II - AS LI to LII
Inlands Reporting / Education Deputy - Exchequer - AS XLIX to LIV
Captain of Wastekeep Sergentry AS XLIX to LI
Deputy Kingdom Chirurgeon - AS XLIX to AS L
Inlands Regional Chirurgeon Deputy - AS XLVII to AS L
Chirurgeon - Canton of Akornebir AS XLIV to AS L
Chirurgeon - Barony of Wastekeep AS XLVI to AS L

Provost to Master Kian O'Ruadhri MOD; prior to his elevation, Protege to Mistress Genevieve Marie Etienette de Montagne OP.
Current protege's include 'Izza al-Dimashqiyya of Wealdsmere, Rúnfríðr kennikona of Cranehaven, as well as shared mentoring of Fergus William Biggs and Lilion Jane Godwin.

Personal History

"I was born a good day’s walk from Hafrsfjord, four summers after King Harald laid waste to Eirik of Hordaland, Sulke of Rogaland, and the rest of the petty men who called themselves “king”.
I was the fifth child to be born to my parents. Soon after, my mother divorced my father, Pall Donaldson. He stayed at the family’s farm and my mother remarried and moved west. To where – I do not know, I was but a boy. My father remarried as well, to Sandey Riksdottir, a Swede. I stayed on the farm until I was of age, then I went a viking to find my fortune, as I was not going to inherit my father’s farm.
In my 24th summer, I met my future wife Gudrun while she was traveling with her father, trading some of their fine wool. We had witness to the handsel at the Thing the following year, and was married shortly after that. We have two children, Þora and Lili – both can be quite ferocious.
Since our marriage, I do less raiding and more trading. The farms are quite successful and our future feels secure."