The Defender of Terra Pomaria

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Defenders badge.

Defenders Badge

Blazon- Azure, three chevronels braced and on a chief argent a sword azure. Registered with the College of Arms in May of AS XXIX/1994.


The Defender is the first and oldest earned title created in Terra Pomaria that started when the branch was still a shire in AS XXV/1990 under the direction of then-seneschal Cesare the Merchant. The first defender was determined after a series of months-long fighter's practices that included tournament sessions eventually eliminating all contenders but one who was deemed the champion at the May 7 AS XXV/1990 branch fighter's practice. After its initial inception every defender thereafter has traditionally been determined annually at the Long and Short of It Tournament. The 14th defender, Angus McClure, who was also the 1st defender, had to abdicate the title after winning Summits Fall Coronet Tournament XXXVIII/2003 where he was invested as Tanist and heir to the Principality of the Summits. His victory resulted in a conflict of fealty that required abdication of his defendership. Baron William and Baroness Elspeth released him at the next Terra Pomaria event Baronial Revolt XXXVII/2003 and after consultation with the Mistress of the Lists, it was deemed suitable that the runner-up in the last defender tournament, Brian of Ledbury, would be invested as the 15th defender to finish Angus's tenure.


Determined annually at the Long and Short of It Tournament. The style of combat and weapons used to determine a new victor by tournament is traditionally selected by the current defender. Since its establishment, the denfendership has been determined on an annual basis with one exception (see history for details).


Entrants competing for defender are not required to have a consort. Since AS Long and Short of It Tournament XXXVI/2001 Elspeth, 2nd Baroness of Terra Pomaria has willed that all consorts of defenders be given the Honor of Elspeth's Iris at the close of their champion's tenure. The consort of the defender has affectionally, yet unofficially, been referred to as the "Defender Babe" and to date has always been female as there has yet to have been a female defender of the barony.


The defender's regalia includes circlets for the defender and consort, the defender's sword (that victor's hold while being sworn into defendership during court ceremony), the defender's shield displaying the barony's arms, A glass-front display box containing the official scroll of former defenders and a banner bearing the defender's badge.

Roll of Defenders

1st Angus McClure from May 7 AS XXV/1990 to August 10 AS XXVI/1991
2nd Angus McClure from August 10 AS XXVI/1991 to August 22 AS XXVII/1992
3rd Kendall Tempest from August 22 AS XXVII/1992 to August 21 AS XXVIII/1993
4th Kendall Tempest from August 21 AS XXVIII/1993 to July 23 AS XXIX/1994
5th Kendall Tempest from July 23 AS XXIX/1994 to August 5 AS XXX/1995
6th Conrad Breakring of Ascalon from August 5 AS XXX/1995 to July 26 AS XXXI/1996
7th William Percival from July 26 AS XXXI/1996 to July 26 AS XXXII/1997
8th Yojimbo Hiroshi-nin from July 26 AS XXXII/1997 to July 25 AS XXXIII/1998
9th Yojimbo Hiroshi-nin from July 25 AS XXXIII/1998 to July 24 AS XXXIV/1999
10th William Percival from July 24 AS XXXIV/1999 to July 22 AS XXXV/2000
AS XXXVI/2001 consorts eligible for the Honor of Elspeth's Iris by will of Elspeth, 2nd Baroness of Terra Pomaria
11th William Geoffrey the Rogue from July 22 AS XXXV/2000 to August 24 AS XXXVI/2001
No consort
12th Yojimbo Hiroshi-nin from August 24 AS XXXVI/2001 to August 10 AS XXXVII/2002
Consort Marsona of White Mountain
13th Gunther Ravensfuri from August 10 AS XXXVII/2002 to August 9 AS XXXVIII/2003
No consort
14th Angus McClure from August 9 AS XXXVIII/2003 to October 12 AS XXXVIII/2003
Consort Duana Linette Traherne
Angus had to surrender the defendership at the next Terra Pomaria event due to his elevation to Tanist of the Summits on September 20th at Summits Fall Coronet XXXVIII/2003 to the runner-up from the defender tournament.
15th Brian of Ledbury from October 12 AS XXXVIII/2003 to August 28 AS XXXIX/2004
Consort Acacia Gryffyn
16th Roland von Bern from August 28 AS XXXIX/2004 to July 9 AS XL/2005
Consort Emma von Bern
17th Aleyn the Younger from July 9 AS XL/2005 to August 26 AS XLI/2006
Consort Helena Bryenissa Raoulaina
18th Roland von Bern from August 26 AS XLI/2006 to April 28 AS XLI/2007
Consort Emma von Bern
Roland had to surrender the defendership upon his elevation to Baron of Terra Pomaria to the runner-up from the defender tournament.
19th Brian of Ledbury from April 28 AS XLI/2007 to August AS XLII/2007
Consort Acacia Gryffyn
20th Earl Sir Duncan Aurther Ross the Black from August 25 AS XLI/2007 to August 25 AS XLIII/2008
Consort Duchess Larissa Alwynn Clarewoode
21st Inar Knutson from August 25 AS XLIII/2008 to August 15 AS XLIV/2009
Consort Hanim Gulenay
22nd Alail Horsefriend from August 15 AS XLIV/2009 to August 28th XLV/2010
Consort ???
23rd Sigmund Helmschmiede from August 28 AS XLV/2010 to August 27th XLVI/2011
Consort ???
24th Cyrus Grim from August 27 AS XLVI/2011 to June 2 XLVII/2012
Consort ???
25th Sverre Bjornhjarta from June 2 AS XLVII/2012 to June 8 XLVIII/2013
Consort ???
26th Roland von Bern from June 8 AS AS XLVIII/2013 to AS IL/2014
Consort Emma von Bern
27th Weylyn Middleson from AS Jun 7 AS IL/2014 to June 6 AS L/2015
Consort ???
28th Iohannes ap Madoc from June 6 AS L/2015 to June 18 AS LI/2016
Consort ???
29th William Geoffrey the Rogue from June 18 AS LI/2016 to August 12 AS LII/2017
Consort ???
30th Tati Sigrudsson from August 12 AS LII/2017 to August 11 AS LIII/2018
Consort ???
31st Marcus Octavius Rufus from August 11 AS LIII/2018 to 14th Sep AS LIV/2019
Consort Livia Atella
32nd Wystan Albryght as of 14th Sep AS LIV/2019 to 13th Aug 2022
Consort Christmas Caryl
33rd Cedric Helmbreaker as of 13th Aug 2022 to TBD
Consort Layla of Mountain Edge