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Per fess argent and azure, an orca naiant counterchanged sable and argent, in chief a laurel wreath vert.

The Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, B.C.) is located in the Principality of Tir Righ. It is co-located with two institutional branches, the College of Saint Giles (currently dormant) and the Port of Crickstow-on-Sea (not currently an active institutional branch July 2010).

The common term for one who resides in Seagirt is a Seagirtian

Ruling Baron & Baroness

Wulfgar and Aniko - May 22, 2021 (current)
Edward and Lucy - August 25, 2018 AS 53
Connal and Letitia - May 17, 2014 AS 49
Eideard and Mogg- August 27, 2011 AS 46
Ming and Elina - April 12, 2008 AS 42
James and Tangwystl - January 10, 2004 AS 38
Liam and Nadezhda - January 13, 2001 AS 35
Uilliam and Theocharista - July 18, 1998 AS 33

Historical Summary

1976 AS X Shire founded
1986 AS XXI Seagirt first presents the Seagirt Tapestry to the Known World before the Crowned Heads of the Laurel Kingdoms at Twentieth Year Celebration.
1997 AS XXXI Feb Attempt to form ISLAND Barony failed. MORATORIUM on Baronial Discussion imposed by Senschalate
1997 AS XXXII Dec MORATORIUM lifted after proposal to council by Margaree and James citing moratorium on Baronial discussion was re: ISLAND barony only. Nothing forbids exclusive Seagirt baronial discussion
1998 AS XXXII Spring - Baronial Bid completed and candidates named:
Mathieu Thibaud Chaudeau de Montblanc & Maggdalene Duprie
James the Tormentor & Annika van Heusden
Thorin Olafsson & Kyndra Olafsson (dropped out of race midway)
William the Marine & Riognach of Ruantallan (later Theocharista)
1998 AS XXXIII July 18 Elevated to Barony - William the Mariner and Riognach of Ruantallan named Baron and Baroness
2000 AS XXXV Oct First Seagirtian Baronial Re-affirmation Poll held
2000 AS XXXV Nov Baron Uilliam and Baroness Theocharista make decison to step down
2000 AS XXXV Dec Baronial Selection Process commenced and candidates named:
James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd
William MacBrennan & Nadhezdha Torinova
Brokk & Turpin
Cathal Sean Occonlauin & Judith de Montgomerie
2001 AS XXXV Jan Twelfth Night in Seagirt (James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd autocrat)
Coronation of Davin & Groa held in Victoria Conservatory of Music (converted cathedral).
Queen's Rapier tournament held in St Andrews elementary school 1 block away.
2001 AS XXXV Jan - William MacBrennan and Nadezdha Toranova named Baron and Baroness
2003 AS XXXVII Mar William and Nadhezdha forego Baronial Re-affirmation Poll and plan to step down at Twelfth Night
2003 AS XXXVII Apr Baronial Selection Process commenced and candidates named:
James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd & Glynis Fawr
2003 AS XXXVIII Jul With only one couple named, Baronial Support Poll conducted at SST
2004 AS XXXVIII Jan Twelfth Night in Ocean Shores - James & Glynis named Baron and Baroness
2006 AS XL Dec Baronial Re-affirmation held - B&B passed
2008 AS XLII Jan James and Tangwystl plan to step down at April Coronet
2008 AS XLII Feb Baronial Selection Process commenced and candidates named:
Ming Lum Pee & Elina Karsdottir
Allan Robbins & Makayla Brand
Hucbald ap Urp & Morgaine Essex
2008 AS XLII Apr Tir Righ Coronet in Seagirt - Ming & Elina Baron and Baroness
2011 AS XLVI Aug Tir Righ Coronet in Shittimwoode- Eideard & Mogg Baron And Baroness
2014 AS XLIX - Connal & Letitia Baron and Baroness
2018 AS LIII Aug Tir Righ Coronet in Seagirt - Edward & Lucy Baron and Baroness
2019 AS LIV Oct Seagirt's new Baronial Arms, "Per fess argent and azure, an orca naiant counterchanged sable and argent, in chief a laurel wreath vert." are registered; the old arms are retained as Ancient Arms and may still be displayed.
2021 AS LVI April Baronial Selection process commenced and candidates named:
Seamus MacDonald of Skye & Anne Greystoke
Saitō Mitsukage & Runa Dagsdottir
Wulfgar Bradax & Aniko Melles
Wulfagr and Aniko Melles Baron and Baroness

Major Events

Daffodil Tournament - March
Sealion War - June
Seagirt Sergeants Yeomans and Gallants (SYG) Trials - July
SST Originally called Seagirt SECRET Tournament now called Seagirt SUMMER Tournament (SST). Event was often published in newsletter in code so that only those who truly wanted to find it would show up. Baron Gerhard of Lions Gate showed up at the first one. Desire was to have a tournament where a LOCAL person would win a title and be responsible for championing their cause here at home all year long. Original rules stated winner could NOT succeed themselves. Non-residents are permitted to compete and win prizes but NOT the title. In the event that a non-resident wins, the highest ranking local is given the title. If a local wins more than one they must CHOOSE which title they will hold. The second place finisher in the endeavour they do not choose is awarded that title. Now held in mid August at various locations. Over the years new champions were added: Heavy, Rapier, A&S, Archery. (Boffer champion is also held if the level of involvement warrants). Previous champions create format and run tournament to choose their successor.
Seagirt Yule - December.


Past Events of Note

Gentle Arts event - event celebrating A&S endeavours. No combat allowed.
Lovers Revel
End of the Mundane Year Tournament - tournament held in November/December to celebrate the end of the calendar year

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