Padraig Blair

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Chronicler, Vulcanfeldt for several years around 2000 to 2002
Head Gate Troll, July Coronation AS 40 (2005)
Seneschal of Vulcanfeldt, June 2008 to present


Target Archery Marshal (Certification Expired)
Heavy Fighting
Water Bearing


1300’s Low Lander Scotsman from around the town of Moffat.


September Crown Tournament XLIII/2008
 Made some new friend.
 The Tournament was execilent.
 Sir Fiach was impressive.
July Coronation, July 19 AS 43 (2008)
 Dude! Cedric Blackwell Rolfsson can make towel dispensers work...
 Stunt Queens Guard
Folklife Festival, AS 43
 Elizabeth Yvonne Owles gave me a Forget-me-not!
Springfest, June AS 43 (2008)
 Fun event
May Fair, May AS 43 (2008)
 Stunt Queens Guard
 Emiel has a beautiful sword, if you get the chance, take a look at it.
Estrella War AS 43 (2008)
 Can you say mud!
 Camped with the An Tir Royals
 Carried His Majesty's Banner into Court.
 Had the honor of escorting Her Majesty.
July Coronation AS 40
 Uther Schiemann der Hunt and Angharad Drakenhefd take the Throne.
 Spent almost all of my time at gate.
 Did make it to Court on the last day, and TRM gave me a Goutte