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Natt Sang is a Norse bardic house

Left to Right: Bryan, Geirrekr, Torgny, Lady Rhyslyn, Lady Solais, Lord Red Angus

Natt Sang is the name given to a band of 10th century skalds hailing from the Northlands. During the month of June AS XXXVII Torgny Vintersorg, a brutish and loud mouthed Geat, and Vargen Utsvarden, a dashing, suave, and somewhat scrawny Rus, joined forces in the Kingdom of An Tir to battle the mediocraty of drum circles. During the next several years the two hired and enslaved numerous and varied bards. Celts, Rus, and all manner of Vikings and Norseman joined Torgny's band of skalds but few survived his tyranny.

Natt Sang has aquired a stash of booze and trinkets in their years of travel: Notable benefators to this cache include His and Her Excellencies Owain and Wrenn, Former Baron and current master of brutality Sven RedBeard Einarsson, their Excellencies Baron Godric ap Rhys and Baroness Kara of Saint David of Glymm Mere, House Ravenstead, the Principality of the Summits, the Towne of KeyPoynt, House Meðelstede, Clan Carn, and numerous others they have looted and pillaged with their bardic fury.

Lady Rhyslyn

Torgny's wife Lady Rhyslyn of Soundstream is the offspring of Lord Red Angus and Lady Solais of Soundstream, a product of a filthy hyberno-norseman and a buxom celt. She is perhaps the group's most versatile musician, proficiantly able to play the celtic flute, the irish whistle, the celtic harp, as well as guitar, bass, and actually singing. She is also proficient at doing Torgny's laundry and washing his dishes. She currently acts as the house's Husmor, Emmisarian, and is the primary seamstress.

Geirrekr Moolfson

Geirrekr Moolfson, or as he is affectionatly reffered to as "Big Little Pickle," is Natt Sang's Vakten and acts as the defender of Lady Rhyslyn. He is the house's heavy fighter and currently is serving the barony of Glymm Mere under the banner of Baron Godric ap Rhys. He is in fact more troll than man though no one is sure which one of his parents was green and dragged their knuckles on the floor. He wraps his mighty sausage fingers around an 11 string guitar and beats it until it makes music. Ohh and he also enjoys poetry.

Wilhelm Vildsvin

Being Torgny's younger brother, Willhelm has had a hard life. He shares Vakten duties with Geirrekr and acts as Torgny's defender. His other duties include gathering sticks, holding lanterns, and being the house booze ferry.

Lord Red Angus

Father of Lady Rhyslyn, Lord Red Angus is an unconventional hyberno-norseman. He is a member of the Order of the Grey Goose Shaft and enjoys brewing, metal working, and eating recently dead animals in his free time. Lord Angus is an adept Bagpiper and also sings, plays the greek bouzouki, bass, and guitar.

Lady Solais

Lady Solais is Lord Red Angus' wife and the mother of Lady Rhyslyn. She spends most of her time with her horses and frequently feeds them better than her husband. She was recently made a junior equestrian marshal. When not conversing with her equine friends she makes beautiful music, singing and playing her many harps.

Bryan of Kiev

How an obnoxious Rus wound up with an irish name is a mystery that may never be solved. Bryan of Kiev is a sarcastic young man who delights in insulting and infuriating Geirrekr and Torgny. He is good for little more than banging on a dead animal stretched over a bucket and eating the leftover scraps of food out of the garbage.

Lord Torgny Vintrsorg

Torgny Vintrsorg, a name the echoes throughout the Northlands. Wood worker says the wind, Bass Player whispers the Earth. Never in the history of man has a more charismatic man walked the... Torgny is a lazy beuracratic jerk who has everyone do everything for him and then he takes credit for it. He built the Hangerot sure... but has it ever stayed up for a whole event? He plays bass sure... but can you actually hear a bass? Ohh and he cooks... if by cooking you mean emptying a can of beans into a pot and onto his tunic. And yes he sings but at midnight are you honestly sober enough to tell if he is on key? Torgny is in charge yes... if telling everyone around you what to do and strutting about means you are in charge.


Torgny's cat.
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