Grimr Asgeirsson

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Lord Grimr

Grimr Asgeirsson is a resident of the Barony of Glymm Mere, and a member of the Company of Saint Ulrich.


Grimr is an 11th century Dane, born in Heddeby. He travels extensively between Jorvik, Heddeby, Normandy, Kiev, and Miklagård. Although he is ostensively a blacksmith, it is rumored that he may be working for the Byzantine Emperor, Constantine X.


An 11th century Dane wouldn't have a device, silly.

Awards Received

  • Crystal of Glymm Mere (Glymm Mere) Dec 1 AS 42 / 2007
  • Award of Arms May 3 AS 43 / 2008
  • Baron's Favor (Glymm Mere) AS 44 / 2009