Eden the Mad

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Eden the Mad


Egils 2019
Resides: Three Mountains
Date Started: 1991
Awards: Order of Precedence
Offices: Royal Scribe, Baronial Scribe for Three Mountains

Who am I?

I live in Three Mountains and am a member of House Daos. I am an artist, painter, scribe, former belly dancer and briefly a fencer. I've been attending SCA events since Egils of 1991, but it wasn't until 2010 that I started getting involved. Over the years I've gone by the names of Eden Celeste, Eden de Castille, and Eden of Daos. I finally settled on my original SCA name of Eden the Mad, because I liked that Mad stands both for "insane" as well as "angry", although the former is more appropriate for my persona.

Persona Story

Born Eden Ó Flannagáin in Ireland in 1525, Eden was the 4th daughter of a minor noble. When Eden’s father supported Silken Thomas Fitzgerald against Henry the VIII in 1535, Eden’s family found themselves on the wrong side of the rebellion and her father was executed while Eden’s mother and siblings fled to a distant relative’s house. But Eden could not forgive nor forget, and seeing her father beheaded drove her a little insane, so as “Boadicea” she started her own rebellion against the English. While her efforts were not particularly effective, they were enough to earn the ire of the local English authorities and the nickname “Eden the Mad”. At the age of 15, in 1540, fearing for her life Eden stowed away on a ship, and when it finally made port she found herself in Istanbul. She spent the next 10 years mostly living on the streets, where she learned to dance from both the Turkish and the Romani, becoming good enough to survive. And while she mainly adopted the Turkish and Persian style as her own, her madness still expressed itself when she would think she was one of her norse ancestors, 12th century French nobility, early Celt, and sometimes even a mongol. In the year of 1550, she met a strange group of monks, missionaries, dancers, lepers and cardinals, lead by a Prophet, Uthyr. As they liked dancing girls, and a certain degree of madness was warranted in their heretical order, they invited Eden to join them on their mission traveling the silk roads and preaching the Light of Daos. Eden decided that was a lot more fun, and better company, than being alone. So she joined their order and has traveled with them since, even at times taking on the mantle of Prophet herself.

Service to the Crown of Antir and other notable SCA accomplishments

Junior Marshall-Rapier (retired) AS 44
Baronial Scribe for Three Mountains AS 52-54
Deputy Scribe for Christian and Helene AS 52
Royal Scribe for Antione and Kathryn AS 53
Royal Scribe for Christian and Helene AS 53-54
Apprenticed to Duchess Hlutwige Wolfkiller AS 54