Dak Ulfredsson

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Jarl Dak Ulfredsson, Duke of An Tir.

He reigned as King of An Tir with Daedin, and with Lao. He also served twice as Champion of An Tir.

Before being knighted, he was squired to Sir Torgul. His squires have included Sir Crisiant, Sir Kolgrim, and currently Lord Magni Ulfredsson.Other squires include Duke Sven falgr Gunnarson & Sir Max Ulfredsson.

His first crown victory was against Squire Monty de Paul (now known as Duke Eirikr)

His 2nd victory was against Sir Clifford Otter.

At July Coronation, AS 40, he was made a Lion of An Tir.

Dak Saga (written by Gleowine during the reign of Dak and Lao, posted from the archives of Lao Yu)

In the reign of Thorin (the year twenty one)
And Angharad Queen by ancient custom
Was held a tournament. Hardy-in-war
The kingdom over came to the contest.
Thorin King bade them be bold;
Mindful all for whom they fight,and where they are.
Quoth, "Remember honour! I'll name my heir
That one whose deeds deem them worthy."
And s 'twas begun, each went to battle.
Bore in the fray their birnies bright
And ready shields. The shock resounded.
Strove every spear well, yet one stood out
Unmatched in daring, Dak Ulfredsson.
A company he struck, widely couth-
Aethelings bright, and board thanes.
Such flaming brand, frankish steel,
And stone-fierce Duke Steingrim Stellari.
Jarl Dak then faced the finals round,
For young Sir Clifford then faced Jarl Dak.

Proud each champion proved his prowess;
Affirming less would be to lie.
Each herald held his champion higher.
Deemed each his man of mightier deeds
And brighter fame. Fain would begin
the warsmen twain, worthy twice,
And bring to his own An Tir's Prize.
Battle-boasts made, both heralds withdrew,
Each giving room to the ready-in-gear,
The armed ones. Well saluted
Each the other, then Clifford closed.
Jarl Sir Dak, yet undaunted,
Fearless faced his final foe.
To the music of mail, singing of swords,
Joined in the chorus of crushing force
And ringing shields, in shock of onset.
Then Clifford sent a cunning stroke
From southward, flying overhead,
Swiftly down, and dearly smote.
Sir Clifford's the victory, valiant man.
Dake fell to earth, first round ended.
Yet he wins Crown, who conquers twice.
A mighty doom lay on the dane,
His wyrd was woven. He rose again.
A second time strove the two heroes-
More careful Dak's war, deadly his aim.
Clifford unwary came too close;
Mistaken he mislaid his legs.
He manfully fought from his knees,
Bore up his shield, showered with blows
As hard anvil 'neath heavy hammer.
With flash of steel, Dak felled Sir Clifford.

Proud each champion proved his prowess;
Affirming less would be to lie.

Bathed each his lady in honours bright!
No slack ones they, sluggard men,
But came once more, craving contest.
Nor yet was over, all was not ended.
A crown in balance, each bore a loss
Striving in combat. Stayed not to count it,
But thrice came with thunder as Thorin looked on.
Thrice that day the thane of Torgul
Strove with the dane, daring the jarl
Of many battles, Ban-of-the-Mighty.
Soon did prove his peril sore,
His luck not good; he lost his legs
to sweeping steel, stoutly swinging.
The dane paused not, but pressed the defender,
Bore his shield close, closed in to kill,
To end it all. Oft is seen
How wyrd will fend one from stroke-
Preserve a life. The legs he purchased
So sure his defense- he shortened the dane.

Both warsmen now, battled with wound
Grief to think of, got glory thereby!
Far renown, with files' remainders.
Yet few ken the fate of a king.
Clifford dared greatly, yet greater was Dak.
Slumped Sir Clifford, Dak sent him to sleep.
A silver Rose rewarded Sir Clifford,
With a golden crown Dak gifted his queen.

Proud King Dakproved his prowess;
Affirming less would be to lie!