Clan MacThoy

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The Clan MacThoy originated at the Egil Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament in May 1995. A group of individuals from Lyonsmarche (Moscow, ID) were meeting up with a variety of people at the event. (McGurns?) It was decided to come up with a collective name for ourselves for the weekend. The name is literally "troubles or troublemakers" in ancient Greek, which also sounded Scottish, thus the name was born.

For 15 years we have been based in the northern Idaho college town, and as is the nature of college towns, people move on, and thus there are now "MacThoy's" all over the world. The vast majority still reside in the PNW. We gather once a year for the Celtic Revolt and the folks of Wealdsmere are infinitely patient with having 35 anarchists crash thier party every year.

For more information:

The Clan MacThoy website , which is full of all sorts of sillyness.