Ciana de'Libri

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Lady Ciana de'Libri at Lions Gate Summer Defeders 2011
Resides: Lions Gate
Date Started: May 2010
Awards: [{{{oplink}}} Order of Precedence]
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SCA History

  • Was interested in the SCA and saw a number of demos and went briefly to a few events over the course of many years
  • May 2010 Went to the Heraldic Symposium in Mission in order to help out her dear friend Lady Kayliegh in the kitchen, won the A&S competition with a cake decorated with the Arms of her Majesty Queen Wrenn, got to give her Majesty the center of the cake which her Majesty then replaced with a cherry tart.
  • November 2010 became inspiration of Archery to Her Excellency Baroness Margaret of Lions Gate
  • February 2011 Entered Lions Gate Baronial A&S, learned a lot and started hanging out with Mistress Agness
  • Summer 2011 Went to a whole bunch of awesome events!
  • August 2011 Ended up on the retinue of Alden II and Lenora Tanist and ban-Tanist of Tir Righ (still not sure how that happened or what I’m doing there!)
  • October 22, 2011 Competed and won Tir Righ A&S Championship!
  • Oct 22, 2011 became student to Mistress Agnes Cresewyke
  • Feb Investiture 2012 Organized the first “A&S Swap”
  • June Coronet 2012 Taught a class on cloth buttons, and organized an Apprentice Largess Contest with a Laurel’s choice and Royal’s choice.
  • Tournament of Armies Deputy A&S 2012 – wrangler of classes and contests
  • Oct 26th 2012 Stepped down as A&S Champion and was invested as a Guardian of Tir Righ
  • Dec 1st 2012 Became apprentice to Mistress Agnes Cresewyke at the Baroness’s Inspiration Tourney


  • Clothing construction sewing fitting!
  • Weaving
  • Dyeing
  • Embroidery
  • Knitting
  • Silk painting, Painting, Drawing, Calligraphy and Illumination
  • Book collecting
  • Research
  • And everything and anything else I can think of!

Awards and Honors

  • Baroness' Inspiration of Archery, Nov 2010
  • Award of Arms from Prince Alden and Princess Lenore Tir Righ, Sept 2011
  • Tir Righ A&S Champion Oct 22, 2011
  • Guardian of Tir Righ Oct 26 2012

Persona History

Ciana de’Libri is the youngest daughter of a Florentine Merchant. As such she has been quite indulged and allowed to ride and hunt, and read and have tutors as well as learning the more gentle arts of sewing and embroidery. When it became apparent that this indulgence had made her quite stubborn especially on the subject of marriage her parents sent her away to Spanish relatives where she promptly met, fell in love with and ran away with her now husband, Kian, an Irish mercenary who had been employed in Spain.

Known Accomplices