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See also: Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship.

The domain of the artisans and craftfolk, the Arts and Sciences (A&S) cover all aspects of creative pursuit in the SCA. The Arts and Sciences are generally considered to include such activities as: leatherwork, sewing, embroidery, brewing, metalwork, jewelry making, armoring, woodworking, food and cooking, gardening, etc

Somewhere along the line in the SCA's history, a distinction was made between "arts" and "sciences". This has generated hours of friendly discussion on what the definition of each was with no obvious or concrete resolution.

Each branch is required to have an Arts and Sciences officer.


Guilds often provide groups of like-minded people. These guilds also often focus on the Arts and Sciences and are more than happy to share the information they have.


Documentation is the information presented to support a particular construction of an artifact. If you wish to build a helmet you can make whatever meets the rules. If you wish to enter the helm in an A&S contest you will need to provide some form of proof that the item is constructed in a style and manner appropriate for the period.

Many documents are and have been written by members of the SCA in An Tir. These documents are on various topics and act as useful resource material. Making these documents available for reference aids in further research on topics. These documents also act as a reference for anyone wishing to learn about a topic so they may try it for themselves.

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